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700 Pounds of Marijuana: Hung Jury–Mistrial–Deferred Adjudication

DPS Trooper Seized a “S*** Load of Marijuana”

Dallas DWI 2nd Not Guilty

Client found Not Guilty on a DWI 2nd case

Recitivist Meth and GHB Distributor Gets Deferred Probation

Deferred Adjudication for Dallas Meth and GHB distributor

Dallas Drug Case Dismissed

Dallas Methamphetamine Case Dismissed

Aggravated Assault Dismissed

Dallas County 2nd Degree Felony Aggravated Assault Case Dismissed

Aggravated Assault with a Handgun Reduced to Class

2nd Degree Felony Aggravated Assault with a Handgun Case in Dallas County reduced

.22 Breath Test Case Dismissed; Parole “Blue Warrant” lifted

Dallas County Judge Finds No Probable Cause and Dismisses .22 Breath Test DWI; “Blue Warrant” released before hearing

1st Degree Delivery of a Controlled Substance Case Reduced to Misdemeanor

Dallas Delivery of Methamphetamine Case reduced to Misdemanor

Denton County Felony Aggravated Assault Case Reduced to Class “C”

Denton County 2nd Degree Felony Reduced to Class “C” Disorderly Conduct

Dallas Prostution Case Reduced to Class “C”

Prostition Case Reduced to Class “C”, Eligible to Expunge Record