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Communications Policy

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At the Law Offices of Michael Lowe, we are committed to being helpful and responsive to everyone: from readers of our web site (including the blog) as well as people who may want to hire our law firm as their legal representation and those who are already are clients of ours.

To facilitate that commitment, we have developed the following communications policy which applies to telephone calls, e-mails, facsimiles, social media dialogue, web queries, or blog comments:

1. Prompt Response to All Communications 

All phone calls and e-mail messages will be answered promptly because we understand that it is especially important for criminal defense lawyers to be responsive to calls and emails from their clients, who are facing challenges to their freedom, reputation, and finances.

How fast is prompt? It depends but we’re on it. For example, if Michael Lowe is in the courtroom, he won’t be able to check for messages and call you back as fast as he would otherwise. Also, calls and e-mail messages will get responses faster during normal business hours than in the middle of the night on a weekend.

2. Legal Advice and Legal Services

If you are a client, then we have all the protections of an attorney-client relationship with its privileged communications.

If you are not a client, then those protections do not apply and for your protection, as well as ours, Michael Lowe cannot and will not provide any legal advice or legal service to someone who is not a client.

Why not? There are several reasons, but from your perspective, what you say to someone who is not your official lawyer might be challenged by the prosecution as not being protected from being used as evidence against you – or as stuff to use in investigation trying to build a case against you.

3. A Written Agreement Is Needed To Establish a Lawyer-Client Relationship with Michael Lowe

If you are interested about possibly hiring Michael Lowe as your criminal defense lawyer, then please feel free to call our law firm to set up a meeting with Mr. Lowe to meet him and decide whether or not he’s the right lawyer for you.

A formal, written legal representation agreement must be signed by both you as the client and Michael Lowe as the lawyer for an attorney-client relationship to be formed.

WARNING: If there is not a signed lawyer-client legal representation agreement, then protect yourself and your case by NOT (NEVER) sending any confidential information to our law firm or Mr. Lowe by mail, smartphone, facsimile, e-mail, etc.

Why? As previously stated, the attorney-client privilege will not protect these communications. Also, communications via the Internet, including e-mail communication with its attachments, are not always safe and secure methods of communications and we do not recommend that confidential communications be transferred between lawyer and clients in this way.

4. My Offer for Secure Communications if You are Looking for a Dallas Criminal Defense Lawyer and Suspect Someone Is Eavesdropping on Your Calls

For potential clients that are worried that their phone is or may be monitored by the government and want to talk with a criminal defense lawyer totally off the radar, Michael Lowe also offers the opportunity for these potential clients to meet with him in our offices as “walk in” clients.  Specifically:

  • Mr. Lowe will meet with anyone charged or investigated for any federal or state criminal activity for 30 minutes for $100.
  • If he is not in the office, he will make certain that an appointment gets scheduled in person while you wait with his secretary.
  • The purpose for the meetings is for the client to decide whether Michael Lowe will be the right lawyer for their case. If they like him, he/she can hire him.
  • The purpose for the meeting is NOT to formulate a complete and final criminal defensive strategy for their case.
  • The purpose is to decide whether the client likes Michael Lowe and wants to hire Mr. Lowe as their criminal lawyer.
  • These meetings are totally confidential; no phone call to explain your case and no electronic devices will be present at the meeting.
  • Just Michael Lowe; you – the potential client; a pen with a pad of paper.
  • The client will meet personally with Michael Lowe. No other lawyer or assistant will be present at the meeting.
  • Mr. Lowe cannot offer legal advice concerning any ongoing criminal activity.
  • Office hours are Monday – Friday, 8:30 am – noon and 1pm to 5pm.
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