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Best Lawyers of 2024 – D Magazine

Michael Lowe, a distinguished defense lawyer with a rich history of representing clients in criminal jury trials across Texas, is deeply honored to be nominated for the prestigious award for Best Lawyer in 2024 by D Magazine. This recognition is a testament to his exceptional legal acumen and dedication to his clients, as highlighted by his extensive experience and commitment to providing unparalleled counsel in the criminal justice system.

About the 2024 “Best Lawyers” Award

“Best Lawyers” is an annual publication by D Magazine, highlighting exceptional legal professionals in our community. Through a rigorous selection process overseen by a distinguished panel of legal experts and the D Magazine editorial team, only the most meritorious, proficient, and committed attorneys are distinguished.

Michael Lowe’s Career

Lowe’s nomination is a reflection of his remarkable career, which includes over 150 criminal jury trials, showcasing his deep understanding of the Texas legal system. His unique background as a former prosecutor, combined with his current role as a defense attorney, equips him with a unique perspective on the intricacies of the legal process. This dual experience allows him to offer a robust defense strategy, understanding the opposing side’s tactics and ensuring his clients receive the best possible representation.

Furthermore, Lowe’s dedication to his clients extends beyond the courtroom. He is committed to helping individuals facing criminal charges navigate the complexities of the criminal justice system, from arrests and investigations to trials and appeals. His goal is to find resolutions that allow his clients to move forward, erasing the past and beginning a new future.

Best Lawyers 2024 – D Magazine

Lowe’s nomination by D Magazine is a significant achievement, underscoring his status as one of the top lawyers in Dallas. His commitment to excellence, his extensive experience, and his dedication to his clients make him an exemplary choice for this prestigious award. As he looks forward to the recognition, Lowe remains steadfast in his commitment to providing the best possible defense for his clients, embodying the spirit of mastery and drive that D Magazine celebrates in its honorees.

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Texas Board Certified in Criminal Law: Within Top 1% of Texas Lawyers

Michael Lowe is board-certified by the State of Texas (as of 2012, he was in the top 1% of lawyers who have achieved this certification in Texas) and has dedicated his career to representing clients who have been accused, investigated, or charged with state or federal crimes.

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