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Twice each month, Michael Lowe publishes a new in-depth article on DallasJustice.com that delves into an aspect of criminal defense in the Lone Star State.

Issues may involve those of interest to clients, potential clients, their loved ones, or the general public.  They may also be pertinent and helpful to attorneys practicing criminal law in either federal or state court here in Texas.

Among these issues are the following; for a full index of additional topics and articles, please refer to the blog’s right sidebar:

Alternatives to Incarceration

Bail in Texas

Constitutional Concerns

Civil Cases and Criminal Charges

Common Motions filed by the Defense

Crimes Involving Drugs

Crimes Involving Family Violence

Crimes Involving Human Trafficking

Crimes Involving Money Laundering

Crimes Involving Pornography

Crimes Involving Prostitution

Crimes Involving Sexual Assault (Rape)

Differences Between State and Federal Charges and Prosecutions

Documentary Evidence Issues in Criminal Matters

Expungement of Criminal Records

False Accusations

Investigation by Law Enforcement

Plea Bargaining

Prosecutorial Misconduct

Punishments and Penalties Upon Conviction Other Than Imprisonment

Sentence Length: How the United States Sentencing Guidelines Work

Witness Issues in Criminal Matters

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