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10 Questions to Ask Before you Hire a Dallas Criminal Defense Lawyer

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Michael Lowe’s Top 10 Questions to Ask Before You Hire a Dallas Criminal Defense Lawyer:

Many lawyers will take a criminal case here and there, but Michael Lowe is dedicated exclusively to defending clients in Texas, in either federal or  state Court. We urge anyone indicted, charged with. arrested for. or investigated in a Texas Federal or State Court by law enforcement to carefully choose their criminal attorney.

Therefore, Michael Lowe has put together a top ten list of questions that prospective clients should ask prospective criminal defense attorneys.

10. What percentage of your practice is devoted to criminal law?

9. Do you handle matters other than criminal cases?  For example:  Wills, Personal Injury, Divorce/Child custody cases.

8. Do you take court appointments from the Judge on my case?  If you do, do you think that you can aggressively defend me in front of that Judge and not worry about the consequences?

7. Are you a Texas Attorney Board Certified in Criminal Law by the State Board of Legal Specialization?  If not, then why not?

6. What experience do you have defending criminal cases?  Do you often meet your client’s expectations?

5. What do your clients say about you?  Do your criminal defense clients recommend you to their friends, family and to other clients?

4. How often do you set cases for trial?

3. How many criminal cases have you tried to a jury?  How many Felony cases have you tried?  How many misdemeanor case have you tried?

2. Have you ever worked as a prosecutor?  How do you feel like that experience contributes to defending the same types of cases that you prosecuted?

1. How many active cases are you working on right now?  Do you feel like you will have enough time for my case?


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