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    "I've given you the biggest break I've ever given in the 26 years I've been on this bench." Federal District Judge Fort Worth Terry Means, after sentencing Mr. Lowe's client.
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Practicing 25 Years

Michael Lowe is Celebrating Over 25 YEARS of Service

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Dallas Criminal Defense Attorney

Federal and State Court Criminal Defense Attorney In Dallas

Michael Lowe is a Board Certified Dallas Criminal Attorney Recognized by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization

Michael Lowe is committed to helping people educate themselves on the criminal courts process.  Mr. Lowe has extensive free legal information available throughout this website.  You won’t find this information anywhere else.

Sex Crime Allegations in Texas

For example, if you are investigated or charged with a Sexual Assault, Aggravated Sexual Assault, Continuous Sexual Abuse of a Child, Indecency With a Child, Mr. Lowe’s article The Top 10 Mistake in Sexual Assault and Indecency With a Child article is MUST READ for anyone in your situation.  You will get tips that WILL benefit you from this article.

If you are already a Register Sex Offender and you want to Deregister as a Sex Offender, you need to know your rights.  Mr. Lowe’s article Texas Sex Offender Deregistration is an unprecedented legal manual on what makes you eligible to deregister and how it can be done.

In Mr. Lowe’s experience, most criminal defense lawyers are not even aware that a registered sex offender can be deregistered.  In fact, its “common knowledge” among criminal defense lawyers that no Judge can deregister a sex offender and that the statute is merely administrative so that they have no control over it.

This is one of the biggest myths among criminal lawyers.  You need to educate yourself first and then wisely choose your lawyer.

Drug Crimes: Manufacture, Distribution, Possession

What if you are charged with Manufacture, Deliver or Possession with Intent to Deliver a Controlled Substance?  You NEED to read Mr. Lowe’s Top 10 Things to Know about Manufacture or Delivery of a Controlled Substance before you talk to any lawyer.  This information might prevent you from losing years of your life in a State Penitentiary; another War on Drugs Victim.

Traffic Stops

Of course, you need an excellent lawyer as well for this type of case and Mr. Lowe will help you no matter difficult you think your situation might be.  Mr. Lowe put together a detailed guide to individuals stopped by police while travelling through Texas on the highway.


Listen as Michael Lowe explains how to protect yourself in a traffic stop in his YouTube video, “How to Avoid Trouble When Pulled Over by State Troopers.”

Federal Drug Charges

If you or your loved one’s drug case is a federal case, everything is different.  You need an experienced Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer with a plan.

Mr. Lowe’s article The Top 10 Mistakes in Federal Conspiracy Cases and How to Avoid them is a first time look under the hood of how Federal cases are handled.  You can learn from the mistakes Mr. Lowe has seen others make for many years and use that knowledge to give you the best chance to break free from the Federal Government as soon as possible.

Synthetic Marijuana and other Synthetic drugs are getting a lot of attention from the Federal Government.  This is a complex area of law because the drugs the Government seeks to penalize are NOT to be found on any of the controlled substance schedules.  Therefore, the Government MUST rely on the so called “Analogue Statue.”

If you are being investigated for this type of crime, you NEED a lawyer that has done this before.  Mr. Lowe has much experience defending synthetic drug cases.  In fact, Mr. Lowe has written extensively on this topic to help people know their rights.

Mr. Lowe’s article Synthetic Drug Busts: Federal Arrests For Fake Pot and Designer Drugs That Are Legal Under State Law, lays out the Federal Government’s game plan for prosecuting this types of cases.  Mr. Lowe knows this because he has defended many of these cases and know how the Feds will approach them.

The Feds like to cast a wide net in their Indictments.  Many times, you will see a variety of charges to include monetary crimes such as Money Laundering, Structured Cash Deposit, Tax Evasion, and other financial crimes.  Mr. Lowe has extensive experience defending Federal financial crimes such as these both related to and not related to other drug crimes.

Through Mr. Lowe’s experience, he has learned that the Federal Government (FBI, DEA, IRS and Postal Inspector) are focusing more efforts into Structured Cash Deposits also known as “Smurfing” or “Structuring.”  This is one of the most confusing areas of Federal Criminal Law.

Mr. Lowe has written extensively on this topic so as to untangle the mess and help people investigated for these crimes get a better idea of how they can defend themselves.  If you or a loved one is investigated for this type of case, you owe it to yourself to do read Mr. Lowe’s article Structured Case Deposits:  What Do I Do When the IRS CID Agent Comes?

Family Violence or Domestic Violence Charges in Texas

Assault Family Violence cases cause more confusion and uncertainty than any other case.  The reason for the confusion is caused by the State of Texas.  Both the police departments that investigate these cases and the District Attorneys that file them treat the so called “victim” as the person “in charge” of the case when they want to prosecute.

But when they don’t want to prosecute and want to file an affidavit of non-prosecution:  Let the Games Begin!

Mr. Lowe has extensive successes defending these cases.  Mr. Lowe used to be a Family Violence Chief Prosecutor and has tried many dozens Assault Family Violence cases.  Mr. Lowe has also written extensively on this topic.  If you or a loved one is investigated, charged or arrested for an Assault Family Violence case, Aggravated Assault, Impeding Airflow of a Family Member (“Choking case”), 3rd Degree Enhanced Assault Family Violence, you need to learn the TRUTH about the REAL legal process.

Mr. Lowe’s article Top Ten Mistakes Defending Texas Family Violence Cases is a compilation of the most important errors Mr. Lowe has seen other lawyers commit over the last two decades.  This is a MUST READ before you hire anyone.

Protective Orders in Family Violence Cases

Your lawyer should have a working knowledge on all of these topics before you hire him/her.  But there is more to know and things get much more complex.  If you want an Emergency Protective Order removed or modified, what should you do?  How should you handle a Permanent Protective Order hearing? hint: Don’t Blow it off!  Can the State of Texas still win their case even if the so called “victim” refuses to show up to court and doesn’t want to prosecute?

These questions are finally and carefully answered in Mr. Lowe’s Family Violence and Assault Offenses:  Legal Procedure Guide.  Mr. Lowe’s Family Violence guide is not meant to answer all questions about your case so you should call a Mr. Lowe to get a consultation before moving forward.

Being Investigated?

If you or a loved one are facing investigation, arrest, trial, or jail time in a Texas state or federal court, then you need an aggressive criminal defense plan. That includes having a Dallas criminal attorney that is experienced and dedicated to seeking justice for people who are investigated or charged with a crime.

Michael Lowe represents a variety of cases in criminal defense including, all Federal and State Crimes.  Some of these cases include Conspiracy to Distribute Methamphetamine, Cocaine and other Synthetic Drugs under the Analog Substances Act.  Other cases also include Dallas DWI (Driving While Intoxicated), Dallas theft cases and money laundering cases.

Whether you have been accused of assault family violence, burglary, rape, sexual assault, or any sort of drug crime (possession, intent to distribute, or intent to manufacture of heroin, crystal meth (methamphetamine), cocaine, marijuana, or other controlled substances), or any kind of felony or misdemeanor, you need a Board Certified Dallas criminal defense lawyer at your side.

Why hire Board Certified Criminal Defense Lawyer Michael Lowe?

Mr. Lowe strongly believes that his client should be educated about all of their rights.  Unfortunately, many lawyers take advantage of ignorance.  Mr. Lowe knows that both he and his client will ultimately be successful in defending the criminal case if his client is given the answers and knows Mr. Lowe has a real plan for success in their case.  Need more examples?

Getting Out of Jail after Arrest

Is there a warrant out for your arrest? Is it an arrest warrant or a bench warrant? Can you get out of jail on bond? How do you get a bail bond? How much does bond have to be? Mr. Lowe knows that Dallas Bail Bondsmen won’t have your best interest at heart.  Mr. Lowe has been combating this problem through education.

First, Mr. Lowe wrote:  The Top 7 Bail Bonds Traps: Don’t Get Caught in One of Them!  Mr. Lowe makes the complicated and unfair bonding process simple and easy to understand.

ICE Holds

Sometimes bonding out a loved one is VERY complicated due to an ICE Hold.  Fortunately, in Dallas County there’s a way out of this mess.  Mr. Lowe explains how he’s done it and offers his free legal guide entitled Not a U.S. Citizen and Arrested in Dallas County?  How to Get Bonded Out Even with ICE Hold or Immigration Bond.

Criminal Defense Before Arrest

What if you haven’t been arrested yet and know you are under Federal or State law enforcement investigation?  Mr. Lowe has the answers you NEED to know BEFORE you talk.  Step one:  Don’t talk!,  Step Two: Read Mr. Lowe’s Pre-Arrest Criminal Investigations Article, and Step Three:  Watch this video.


Listen as Michael Lowe shares, “Don’t ever talk to the police!” on YouTube. 

DWI and Drunk Driving Defense

Can I win my DWI Blood Test case at trial?  Mr. Lowe’s article Texas DWI Defense to Blood Test Results is great place to start your research.

Mr. Lowe has tried successfully more than 50 DWI cases to a jury in Dallas County, Collin County, Rockwall County, Denton County, Tarrant County and many other places throughout Texas.  If anyone knows how to win your DWI case, Mr. Lowe has the answer.

To help you answer the questions above you need an attorney who is experienced in many facets of criminal law, including challenging cases. Michael Lowe can answer all these questions for you, and help you decide what is best for your case.

Who is Michael Lowe?

Over the years, Michael Lowe has tried more than 150 criminal jury trials all over the state of Texas. Mr. Lowe has experience working both as prosecutor and as criminal defense attorney in Dallas and across Texas.

Former Prosecutor Turned Defense Lawyer

Michael Lowe’s past experience as a felony drug prosecutor makes him uniquely qualified to handle Dallas drug crime penalties cases, and serve many clients as a Dallas conspiracy to distribute controlled substance attorney.

Texas Board Certified in Criminal Law: Within Top 1% of Texas Lawyers

Michael Lowe is board certified by the State of Texas and has dedicated his career to representing clients who have been accused, investigated, or charged with state or federal crimes.  He handles cases involving many different aspects of criminal defense, including, Dallas illegal gambling cases, and embezzlement litigation in Dallas.

Michael Lowe is Board Certified in Criminal Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. Less than 1% of the attorneys licensed to practice law in Texas have this distinction.


Dallas Criminal Defense Attorney Michael Lowe

Mr. Lowe defends clients across Texas charged with all sorts of federal and state crimes. He serves clients facing charges for driving drunk: DWI — Driving While Intoxicated; DUI — Driving Under the Influence.  Mr. Lowe also defends clients who might be facing more severe charges including felony assault; misdemeanor assault; wire and mail fraud (RICO); along with money laundering, structuring and tax evasion.

Federal and State Representations in Serious Felony Matters

His Dallas white collar crimes law firm also helps those charged with sex crimes, including sexual assault, criminal solicitation, possession and distribution of child pornography, indecency with a child, indecent exposure and public lewdness.

Listen to Michael Lowe discuss Federal Drug Conspiracy Possession With Intent to Distribute: Safety Valve at Sentencing and Mandatory Minimum Sentences under Federal Law.

Felony Drug Crimes

Michael Lowe defends people facing drug charges in all parts of Texas, based on state or federal drug laws against heroin, crystal meth (methamphetamine), cocaine, marijuana, or other controlled substances, with drug crimes involving drug trafficking, drug sales, drug possession, cultivation (growing) of marijuana, maintaining a house where drugs are sold, conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute, possession with intent to deliver, delivery and manufacturing charges.

Expungement of Criminal Records

Mr. Lowe understands that people make mistakes and helps clear up past criminal records (expungement) for clients who qualify. Expungement is a legal method to eliminate a person’s past criminal history and criminal record.

Sometimes, it means that the criminal record is destroyed and forever erased. To help people with problem criminal records, Michael Lowe has made the bold decision to give away free forms and eligibility tests to folks who cannot afford to hire an Attorney.

Folks can use these free forms to help determine their Eligibility for a Texas Petition For Nondisclosure Or Expungement in Texas.  This is information that would ordinarily cost several thousand in legal fees.  If you take Mr. Lowe’s free Eligibility Test for Nondisclosure or to Expunge your record and you are eligible to have your record erased, please feel free to call and Mr. Lowe will discuss his fee to handle your Texas Expunction or Nondisclosure.

Choosing The Best Criminal Attorney For Your Case

Anyone facing an allegation that they have violated state or federal criminal law needs a strong and knowledgeable attorney they can respect and trust. Money, jail time, and even someone’s life may be on the line and a lawyer has to be trusted to fight hard for his client’s best interests.

Dedication to Clients Facing Life-Altering Criminal Justice System

Michael Lowe has dedicated his life to helping people who are facing criminal authorities in arrests, allegations, investigations, trials, or appeals. Mr. Lowe wants what is best for each client, and he works hard to find a resolution that will most likely help his client to erase the past and begin a new future.

Time and again, Mr. Lowe has gained dismissals, acquittals and reductions for his clients. Just read what his clients have to say about him.

The Bond Between Attorney and Client in Criminal Defense Cases

Before deciding on the right Dallas fraud attorney for your case, you should talk with the attorney and get a feel for how you will work together. There’s no bond like that between a criminal defense lawyer and his client, and deciding who to hire as your attorney may be the most important decision of your life.

Michael Lowe understands this, and welcomes you to contact the Law Offices of Michael Lowe for a free, initial consultation. Just call (214) 526-1900 to speak with a board certified Dallas criminal attorney.

"If I am able to do so, I want to use my professional expertise in the courtroom to help people when they need it most." - Michael Lowe, Esq.

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Practicing 25 Years

Michael Lowe is Celebrating Over 25 YEARS of Service

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