Practicing 25 Years
Board Certified Criminal
Defense Attorney
Serving All of Texas from Dallas
Practicing 25 Years

Michael Lowe is Celebrating Over 25 YEARS of Service

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Meet Michael Lowe:
Former Prosecutor Turned Defense Lawyer

Over the course of his career, Michael Lowe has tried over 150 criminal jury trials across the state of Texas. Mr. Lowe offers invaluable insight into the intricacies of the Texas legal system, given his unique experience working as a prosecutor and criminal defense attorney in Dallas and across Texas.

You deserve a passionate advocate on your side, and Mr. Lowe offers a unique understanding of how the opposing side thinks and operates—a vital tool in building a robust defense strategy. Anyone facing an allegation that they have violated state or federal criminal law needs a strong and knowledgeable attorney they can respect and trust. Money, jail time, and even someone’s life may be on the line, and a lawyer has to be trusted to fight hard for his client’s best interests.

Dedication to Clients Facing Life-Altering Criminal Justice System

Michael Lowe has dedicated his life to helping people facing criminal authorities in arrests, allegations, investigations, trials, or appeals. Mr. Lowe wants what is best for each client, and he works hard to find a resolution to help his client erase the past and begin a new future.

Texas Board Certified in Criminal Law: Within Top 1% of Texas Lawyers

Michael Lowe is board-certified by the State of Texas (as of 2012, he was in the top 1% of lawyers who have achieved this certification in Texas) and has dedicated his career to representing clients who have been accused, investigated, or charged with state or federal crimes.

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Watch Now: Felony Drug Crimes

Michael Lowe defends people facing drug charges in all parts of Texas, based on state or federal drug laws against heroin, crystal meth (methamphetamine), cocaine, marijuana, or other controlled substances, with drug crimes involving drug trafficking, drug sales, drug possession, cultivation (growing) of marijuana, maintaining a house where drugs are sold, conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute, possession with intent to deliver, delivery and manufacturing charges.

Listen to Michael Lowe discuss Federal Drug Conspiracy Possession With Intent to Distribute: Safety Valve at Sentencing and Mandatory Minimum Sentences under Federal Law.

Dallas Criminal Defense Attorney

Criminal Defense In-Depth Articles by Michael Lowe

Michael Lowe is committed to helping people educate themselves on the criminal court process. Mr. Lowe has extensive free legal information on this website—you won’t find this information anywhere else.

HealthCare Fraud Prosecutorial Trends in 2024: Predictions Based Upon Latest OIG DOJ Enforcement Report

Money and health care and crime: the topics are intertwined. The amount of money spent in the health care industry here in the United States is almost impossible to comprehend.  It is reported that in 2021, 17.8% of the entire gross domestic product (GDP) of our country was spent on health care.  This is two,…

Texas’ Senate Bill 4, the “Show Me Your Papers Law,” is Arguably Unenforceable Under Existing State Law

Here are how things stand right now for the controversial Texas Senate Bill 4 (88-4) (“SB4”), which was passed last fall by both houses of the Texas Legislature and signed into law by Governor Abbott.  You may recognize the new statute by its nickname, the “Show Me Your Papers Law.”   See, e.g., “Texas’s So-Called ‘Show…

Medicaid Fraud in Texas: Federal and State Prosecutions

First things first, it’s important to understand exactly what is involved in the Medicaid program here in Texas.  Bottom line, Medicaid is free or low-cost health insurance provided by the government for those that meet its eligibility requirements. The majority of Medicaid coverage is provided to those with no income or have a low income,…

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Practicing 25 Years

Michael Lowe is Celebrating Over 25 YEARS of Service

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With more than 150 jury trials under his belt, Michael Lowe has strong and varied courtroom experience.

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