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Why Hire Michael Lowe?

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Why Hire Dallas Attorney Michael Lowe As Your Criminal Lawyer?

I take a great deal of pride in helping folks charged in a criminal case from Federal to State Court. I know that your case is serious to you, and I always handle your case with the same objectives you would expect from a true expert criminal defense lawyer. I also want family members and the accused to be fully educated about what to expect from the moment my client is investigated or arrested all the way until their records is cleared and their name is restored. Therefore, you should take your time to read the many useful and free legal how-to and advice articles I’ve written. I am constantly updating my database with new and relevant information for those of you who need help battling the Government or the State of Texas against overzealous or unfair criminal charges against you or your loved one. Of course, I also want you to call me to ask me any question you wish about you or your loved one’s case. I know I can help.

In Texas, particularly in the Dallas – Fort Worth area, there seem to be lots of lawyers practicing today, and it can be a difficult decision to decide who to contact, who to interview, and who to choose to act as your advocate in any criminal matter for you or a loved one.

After all, the choice of your criminal lawyer may be one of the biggest decisions you make in your life, particularly if you are facing serious charges in either Texas courts or brought by Federal prosecutors, where a conviction and sentence may mean years of time behind bars.

Michael Lowe thinks your decision on which Texas defense lawyer represents you is an important one. So important, in fact, that he’s drafted a list of questions for you to use when interviewing attorneys for that job. Check out Michael Lowe’s Top 10 Questions to Ask before You Hire a Criminal Defense Lawyer.

Why Choose Michael Lowe as Your Criminal Lawyer?

Here are several reasons why you should hire Michael Lowe as your Defense Attorney:

  1. Michael Lowe is dedicated to providing PERSONAL SERVICE to his clients. For many years, Michael Lowe has intentionally kept his law firm at a size where people can bond and work together as a team. The work that is done here is extremely important – it is life-altering to individuals and their families – and everyone at The Law Offices of Michael Lowe takes pride in being able to give clients personal service. Mr. Lowe meets personally with each client. Mr. Lowe appears in court, standing next to that client. Every client can reach out by phone on a 24-hour basis, and they can connect as needed by email, too. Michael Lowe is dedicated to knowing his clients and helping them through a bad time.
  2. FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION. Before you are even a client of Michael Lowe, you can expect compassion and understanding: the first visit with Mr. Lowe to consult with him about your situation (or your child’s case or your friend’s problem) is always free. Always.
  3. REASONABLE FEES. One of the reasons that Michael Lowe has kept an independent law practice is to be able to build personal relationships with the people trusting him with their case as well as their families, who are right there with their loved ones in this time of crisis. Another reason is that Mr. Lowe is able to keep expenses under a level of control that the big corporate law firms aren’t able to do. Lower overhead means better cost control, which in turn means that Michael Lowe is able to offer reasonable fees to his criminal defense clientele.
  4. SKILLS. Michael Lowe has been practicing criminal defense law for many years now – having tried over 150 criminal cases in Texas courts (so far). Additionally, Mr. Lowe has achieved Board Certification by the State Bar of Texas in Criminal Law. As of June 2012, he was one of only 91 people in the Dallas area who have this accomplishment – and many of them are not practicing lawyers but instead are judges, setting on Texas trial or appellate courts.
  5. CASE RESULTS. You can check word of mouth or surf the web, but the case results of Michael Lowe’s representations speak for themselves. Mr. Lowe provides an ongoing roster of case results online, and you can read through various cases, state and federal, to see what Michael Lowe has done for others, perhaps people who were in similar situations to what you face today.

Why hire Board Certified Criminal Defense Lawyer Michael Lowe?

Mr. Lowe strongly believes that his clients should be educated about all of their rights. Unfortunately, many lawyers take advantage of ignorance. Mr. Lowe knows that both he and his client will ultimately be successful in defending the criminal case if his client is given the answers and knows Mr. Lowe has a real plan for success in their case. Need more examples?

Choosing The Best Criminal Attorney For Your Case

Anyone facing an allegation that they have violated state or federal criminal law needs a strong and knowledgeable attorney they can respect and trust. Money, jail time, and even someone’s life may be on the line, and a lawyer has to be trusted to fight hard for his client’s best interests.

Dedication to Clients Facing Life-Altering Criminal Justice System

Michael Lowe has dedicated his life to helping people facing criminal authorities in arrests, allegations, investigations, trials, or appeals. Mr. Lowe wants what is best for each client, and he works hard to find a resolution that will most likely help his client erase the past and begin a new future.

Time and again, Mr. Lowe has gained dismissals, acquittals, and reductions for his clients. Just read what his clients have to say about him.

The Bond Between Attorney and Client in Criminal Defense Cases

Before deciding on the right Dallas fraud attorney for your case, you should talk with the attorney and get a feel for how you will work together. There’s no bond like that between a criminal defense lawyer and his client, and deciding who to hire as your attorney may be the most critical decision of your life.

Michael Lowe understands this and welcomes you to contact the Law Offices of Michael Lowe for a free initial consultation. Just call (214) 526-1900 to speak with a board-certified Dallas criminal attorney.

First Consultations are Always Free at the Law Offices of Michael Lowe