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Michael Lowe is a trial lawyer.  With 150+ jury trials under his belt, he has strong and varied courtroom experience. This is important because while many attorneys claim to be trial lawyers, very few can say they have actually tried more than a hand full of cases to a jury.

Career Roots in Civil Trials

While still a law student attending Texas Tech School of Law in 1997, Michael Lowe was recruited by Cowles and Thompson, a large and respected civil litigation firm in Dallas.  He accepted a position with the law firm to work in their insurance defense section.

After graduating with honors in 1998, Michael Lowe began his legal career with that firm, going into the courtroom to advocate on behalf of insureds and large insurance carriers.  Here he learned from the inside what insurance carriers fear most — and how the best plaintiffs’ attorneys can push company buttons to get the largest settlements negotiated for their clients.

There is great power in a properly worded, thoroughly researched Stower’s Demand from a plaintiff’s counsel.” – Michael Lowe

The next step on Michael’s career path was a stent at the law firm Touchstone Bernays, a fixture on the Dallas legal scene since 1946.  Here he continued gaining courtroom experience in insurance defense litigation.

His civil trial experience extended past personal injury insurance defense matters.  Michael has extensive experience in federal litigation, defending employers from claims by ex-employees.  These matters involved general tort claims to sexual harassment and discrimination claims based on age, sex, race and nationality.

It is from this background in civil trial work that Michael understands today how crime victims can obtain compensation based upon civil injury claims that correlate to criminal matters.  It is possible for an experienced and savvy attorney to advocate for someone targeted by crime to obtain substantial settlements or judgments.

Segue to Criminal Law

After his formative years in civil trial firms, Michael Lowe changed course to enter the field of criminal law.  He began work at the Office of the District Attorney for Dallas County, Texas, prosecuting misdemeanor cases and later worked as one of the Dallas D.A.’s Felony Prosecutors.  Trial work there led him to the formation of his own independent law practice, the Law Offices of Michael Lowe, where he continues practicing law today, as an active trial attorney.

While at the D.A.’s Office, Michael Lowe was entrusted by the Dallas County District Attorney with the prosecution of high level drug traffickers in its Organized Crime Division. During this assignment, Mr. Lowe maintained an aggressive and intense jury trial practice focused solely upon narcotics trafficking cases. He represented the State of Texas in a great many organized drug crime prosecutions.  During this time, he enjoyed an excellent professional reputation for getting convictions, while fostering close working relationships with the federal and state narcotics agents who represented virtually all the law enforcement agencies in the Dallas – Fort Worth Metroplex and its surrounding area.

His experience was not limited to drug charges.  He tried to a jury several dozen Driving While Intoxicated (D.W.I.) and Assault Family Violence cases. Mr. Lowe additionally took to a jury other very serious felony offenses, such as Aggravated Assault; Aggravated Robbery; Robbery; Burglary of a Habitation; Burglary of a Building; and Aggravated Sexual Assault.

Law Offices of Michael Lowe: Dallas Justice

Since leaving the District Attorney’s Office, Mr. Lowe has focused the majority of his legal practice on criminal litigation. He has built an extensive professional background as a trial lawyer, taking to a jury the defense of everything from Misdemeanor DWI to Felony Aggravated Robbery in the criminal courts of Dallas County, Tarrant, County, and throughout the State of Texas.

Anyone facing investigation by law enforcement, much less an arrest or prosecution, deserves to have their rights protected and defended in the most aggressive and zealous manner.” – Michael Lowe

Criminal Defense

As a criminal defense attorney, Michael Lowe has represented clients across the State of Texas in both state and federal prosecutions based upon a wide variety of criminal charges, including driving drunk (DWI — Driving While Intoxicated) felony assault; misdemeanor assault; wire and mail fraud (RICO); money laundering; structuring; and tax evasion.  His cases have warranted media attention in Texas Monthly, the Dallas Morning News, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, and other publications over the years.

His criminal defense practice has included clients facing charges of sex crimes, including sexual assault; criminal solicitation; possession and distribution of child pornography; indecency with a child; indecent exposure; and public lewdness. See, e.g, “Probation on Federal Child Porn Case.”

He has helped clients with expungement (clearing up past criminal records)., Michael Lowe has started a first of its kind website, www.RecordHelp.com, which allows those that have been unfairly saddled with a criminal record to expunge or seal their record without spending thousands of dollars on legal fees.

Civil Injury Claims

Michael Lowe is also dedicated to helping clients who have been harmed in situations that are related to criminal charges and/or prosecutions, but are unable to find recompense within the criminal justice system.  There are situations where trial advocacy can help them to get compensation for their injuries within the civil courts, as he well understands from his formative years in civil trial practice.

These include:

  • Exceptions to the Homestead Insurance Exemption for cases involving Sex Crimes / Child Abuse At A Domicile, see e.g. his article, “Child Abuse Crimes, Civil Claims, And Homeowner’s Insurance;”
  • Negligent Supervision in Fatal DWI Accidents;
  • Employer Liability in Criminally Related Fatal Crashes (civil causes of action based upon respondeat superior, negligent entrustment, negligent hiring, negligent supervision, vicarious liability);
  • Nursing Home Liability for Abuse and Neglect rising to criminal acts and/or gross negligence; and
  • Elder Abuse including Financial Abuse connected to Probate Guardianship or Estate Administration.

Board Certification: One of the Elite

Today, Michael Lowe has practiced law for over two decades, always with a focus on courtroom advocacy.  He is one of the few lawyers in the State of Texas to accomplish being Board Certified in Criminal Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization.

Only 830 lawyers in the State of Texas have achieved this certification, with 105,215 active attorneys licensed to practice by the State Bar of Texas.

This makes Michael Lowe a member of an elite less-than-one-percent group of the Texas Bar who has this distinction. 

He has been Board Certified in Criminal Law since 2007.

Federal and State Practice

Mr. Lowe has an active docket in both state and federal courtrooms.  Not all attorneys, including trial lawyers, are prepared or willing to represent clients in federal court as well as state law proceedings.


  • Texas Tech University School of Law
    Doctor of Jurisprudence Cum Laude, 1998
  • University of Texas at Austin
    Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, 1995


  • Law Offices of Michael Lowe
    • Owner
  • Office of the District Attorney for Dallas County, Texas
    • Assistant District Attorney for Dallas County (prosecutor)
  • Touchstone Bernays
    • Insurance Defense Litigation, both first and third party personal injury and property damages claims (associate attorney)
  • Cowles & Thompson
    • Insurance Defense and Business Litigation, various civil matters including employment discrimination claims and business disputes (associate attorney)


  • State Bar of Texas
  • United States District Court for the Northern District of Texas
  • United States District Court for the Eastern District of Texas
  • United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit
  • United States District Court for the Western District of Arkansas
  • United States District Court for the Southern District of Texas
  • United States District Court for the District of Columbia

Talk with Trial Lawyer Michael Lowe

Michael Lowe considers it his life’s purpose to fight for those who are unable to counter the adversities against them, whether that is in the form of a criminal charge or the result of an incident that has left them facing personal injury and hardship in a crime-related matter.

“If I am able to do so, I want to use my professional expertise in the courtroom to help people when they need it most.” – Michael Lowe

As for his past experience, he welcomes you to search through his blog, where he has accumulated a significant amount of information both for the general public as well as fellow legal practitioners and of particular import, descriptions of his case results dating back over the past decade.

Michael Lowe invites you to contact him at the Law Offices of Michael Lowe for a free, initial consultation.  Just call (214) 526-1900 to schedule a free initial consultation.

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