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Don’t ever talk to the police!

Listen as Michael Lowe shares, “Don’t ever talk to the police!” on YouTube.

Not a U.S. Citizen and Arrested in Dallas County? How to Get Bonded Out Even with ICE Hold or Immigration Bond

Sometimes, bonding out a loved one is VERY complicated due to an ICE Hold. Fortunately, in Dallas County, there’s a way out of this mess. Mr. Lowe explains how he’s done it and offers his free legal guide entitled Not a U.S. Citizen and Arrested in Dallas County? How to Get Bonded Out Even with ICE…

Synthetic Drug Busts: Federal Arrests For Fake Pot and Designer Drugs That Are Legal Under State Law

Mr. Lowe’s article Synthetic Drug Busts: Federal Arrests For Fake Pot and Designer Drugs That Are Legal Under State Law lays out the Federal Government’s game plan for prosecuting these types of cases. Mr. Lowe knows this because he has defended many of these cases and knows how the Feds will approach them.

Ring Camera Proves Alibi Defense in Tarrant County Aggravated Assault/Deadly Weapon

Michael Lowe’s client was accused with Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon in Tarrant County. The father of her child was the complaining witness. Late last year, Mr. Lowe’s client was assaulted by the complaining witness. He was arrested and charged with Assault/Family Violence in Tarrant County. The child’s father continued to have contact with…


A U.S. District Court Judge told Mr. Lowe’s client: “I’ve given you the biggest break I’ve ever given in the 26 years I’ve been on this bench.” Read about how Mr. Lowe was able to get probation on a Federal Child Porn case even though the client’s maximum guideline range was 168 months in the…

10 Things to Know About Mail Fraud Prosecutions

If you are following the criminal trial of Dallas County Commissioner John Wiley Price, then you know that one of the big federal felony charges he’s facing is five counts of “Deprivation of Honest Services by Mail Fraud, Aiding and Abetting.” John Wiley Price’s Felony Counts 2 -7: Mail Fraud That’s in addition to the…

2016 Texas Gun Laws: Obama Action, Open Carry: Know Your Gun Rights

Prediction:  More Gun Arrests in Texas Over New Gun Laws In the first week of the new year, not only did the new Texas Open Carry Law become effective, but President Obama announced his latest executive actions for federal government gun control. Talk to people; read the news media; listen to the news releases from…

Richardson Police, Dallas County Felony Tampering With a Governmental Record Case No Billed

Dallas County Tampering With a Governmental Document Case No Billed

Probation on Federal Texas Eastern District Trafficking in Counterfeit Goods

Mr. Lowe’s client hired him two years ago after a disappointing experience with another attorney.  At that time, the Department of Homeland Security had raided his client’s home based on a search warrant supported by an evidentiary affidavit establishing probable cause.  The raid yielded 63,088 counterfeit DVDs in the client’s possession, which were valued at $741,284.00….

Donley County 2nd Degree Money Laundering Reduced to Misdemeanor and Money Returned

Mr. Lowe’s client was stopped by DPS Trooper Danny Nunez and later prosecuted by District Attorney Luke Inman of the 100th Judicial District of Texas (Carson County, Donley County, Hall County, Collingsworth County and Childress County).  Trooper Nunez is one of the most prolific Drug Interdiction Police Officers in the State of Texas.  Trooper Nunez…