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Federal Conspiracy to Distribute Case: Reduced 73.5%

Federal Conspiracy to Distribute


How and why sex offenders can deregister and legally remove their names from the Texas sex offender registry Texas law not only requires defendants convicted of certain sex crimes to register with the government as a sex offender; as of 2005, the Texas Legislature has also provided a procedure for individuals to have their names…

Lessons of The Gas Pipe Bust: Traffic Stop Leads to Major Synthetic Marijuana Bust and Big Federal Forfeiture Grab

It all began with a simple traffic stop back on December 4, 2013.  That’s when a Denton County Deputy Sheriff pulled over a Ford pickup truck and asked the driver if he could search the vehicle. The driver said okay, and the Deputy Sheriff discovered stuff used to grow marijuana, as well as marijuana residue…

Texas Forensic Science Commission Report November 2013 – Added to Michael Lowe Digital Library

Texas Forensic Commission Report Nov 2013 

Structuring Arrest in Dallas Results in Plea Deal: What is Structuring and Why is 10,000 The Magic Number?

Many people in today’s economy don’t need to worry about whether or not their bank deposit is $10,000 or more because they’re never depositing that much cash into their bank account at any one time.  On the other hand, many Texas businesses routinely have these big five-digit deposits, and they have bookkeepers or accountants that…

Dallas County Sexual Assault Case No Billed

2nd Degree Felony Sexual Assault Case No Billed by the Dallas County Grand Jury

2 Class “A” Assault Reduced to Class “C”; Interfering With 911 dismissed

3 Family Violence Cases Will Be Expunged

Felony Family Violence Case Dismissed

Dallas County Felony Assault Family Violence 2nd Case Dismissed

Dallas DWI Blood Test Case Dismissed

Motion to Suppress Granted in Dallas County; .20 Blood Test Case Dismissed

Class “A” Assault reduced to Class “C” Assalt

Family Violence Class “A” Assault in Dallas County Reduced to fine only Expungable Offense