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Felony Assault on a Police Officer reduced; set to be expunged

3rd Degree Felony Assault on a Police Officer Reduced and will be expunged

DWI reduced to Obstruction of a Passageway

Dallas DWI Dismissed

Collin County DWI Breath Test Case Dismissed

.085 Breath Test Case Dismissed, No Probation, No Fines, No Classes

Felony DWI Reduced

Reduced To Misdemeanor; No Jail Time; No Interlock Device

Breath Test .14: Case Dismissed in Dallas County After Jury Selection

.14 breath test case dismissed and client received Obstruction of a Passageway after jury selection

Dallas DWI: Not Guilty

Dallas County Jury finds client Not Guilty

DWI in Dallas Dismissed

Client’s Driving While Intoxicated Case Dismissed in Dallas County

Indecent Exposure Case Reduced

Indecent Exposure in a Dallas Public Park, Case Reduced

No Case Filed/Case Closed

Haltom City Police Declined to File Charges for Aggravated or 2nd Degree Sexual Assault

Sixth DWI, Probation, No Jail

Client Found Guilty of his Sixth DWI Received Five Year Probation and Ten Day work release