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700 Pounds of Marijuana: Hung Jury–Mistrial–Deferred Adjudication

DPS Trooper Seized a “S*** Load of Marijuana”

Mr. Lowe’s client was stopped on I-20 in Parker County, Texas while pulling an 18-wheeler with a payload filled with 700 pounds of marijuana worth more than $1,000,000 described by the State Trooper as a “S*** Load of Marijuana!” Mr. Lowe’s client faced up to 20 years in the Penitentiary and turned down an offer for 7 years from the Parker County Assistant District Attorney. After a trial lasting almost a week and jury deliberations lasting almost two days, the jury refused to convict Mr. Lowe’s trucker-client. The Parker County Judge was forced to declare a mistrial. On the eve of the second jury trial, Mr. Lowe was able to get his client a deferred adjudication. Mr. Lowe’s client NEVER cooperated with law enforcement and NEVER agreed to cooperate. Mr. Lowe’s client is set to have his case dismissed and cleared from his record upon his successful completion of community supervision.

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