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Dallas Resisting Arrest Case Reduce to Class “C” and Assault Dismissed

Resisting Arrest case reduced to Class “C” and Assault/Family Violence Case Dismissed

Dallas County 1st Degree Felony Aggravated Assault Case Dismissed

Assault Serious Bodily Injury/Family Violence Case Dismissed

Rockwall County Marijuana Case Reduce

Rockwall Class “B” Marijuana Case Reduced to Class “C”

Tarrant County Drug Case Reduced

Marijuana Case Reduced to Class “C” in Tarrant County

Two Tarrant County Shoplifting Cases Dismissed

Class “B” Theft Cases Dismissed

Felony Deadly Conduct Case Reduced then Dismissed

Kaufman County Felony Deadly Conduct Case Reduced to Misdemeanor Later Dismissed

Collin County Sexual Assault Allegation Rejected

Collin County District Attorney Reject Sexual Assault Allegation

4th DWI in Dallas County Reduced from Felony to Misdemeanor

Dallas County Felony DWI case reduce from 3rd Degree Felony to Misdemeanor

Indecent Exposure Case Reduced to Class “C” Disorderly Conduct

Client set to have Indecent Exposure Case Expunged

Class “A” Employee Theft Dismissed

Dallas County Class “A” Theft Less than $1500 Dismissed