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Marijuana Grow Defendant Receives Up to approximate 75% Reduction Federal Sentencing Guideline Range

Approximately three years ago, Mr. Lowe was hired to represent a local businessman that graduated from SMU with a degree in Economics.  At that time, Mr. Lowe’s client was the target of a Federal IRS/HIDTA (High Intensity Drug Trafficking Areas) investigation in an eventual six defendant Conspiracy to Distribute Marijuana in the Dallas area.  Mr….

5 Pound Marijuana Wichita Falls Felony Reduced to Misdemeanor

A professional marijuana cultivation farmer from Colorado was stopped in Wichita Falls on his way into Texas to deliver 5 pounds of high quality marijuana.  The man was then detained and questioned on the side of the road until he eventually gave consent for the police officer to search his rental car.  Texas DPS officer…

Carson County Felony Money Laundering Case Reduce to Misdemeanor Money Returned

Mr. Lowe’s client was arrested driving slightly over the speed limit westbound on Highway I-40 near Panhandle, Texas in Carson County.  The local DPS trooper stopped him for speeding.  It is well known that DPS troopers in this area are highly trained in drugs, narcotics, money laundering and weapons interdiction.  Based on Mr. Lowe’s experience…

Tarrant County Class “B” Marijuana Reduced to Class “C”

Mr. Lowe’s client is a businessman that was leaving a restaurant in Grapevine, Texas.  Mr. Lowe’s client was pulled over by Grapevine Police for a minor traffic violation.  The officer claimed he smelled marijuana coming from inside the vehicle.  The officer searched the vehicle and found a small amount of marijuana.  Mr. Lowe’s client was…

Dallas County Sexual Assault Case No Billed

2nd Degree Felony Sexual Assault Case No Billed by the Dallas County Grand Jury

Felony Family Violence Case Dismissed

Dallas County Felony Assault Family Violence 2nd Case Dismissed

Dallas DWI Blood Test Case Dismissed

Motion to Suppress Granted in Dallas County; .20 Blood Test Case Dismissed

Class “A” Assault reduced to Class “C” Assalt

Family Violence Class “A” Assault in Dallas County Reduced to fine only Expungable Offense

Class “A” Family Violence Case Reduced; Eligible to Expunge

Dallas County Misdemeanor Assault Family Violence Reduce to Class “C” Deferred

Dallas Family Violence Choking Case No Billed

Dallas County Impeding Breathing, Family Violence Case No Billed by Grand Jury