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Dallas Grand Jury “No Billed” Aggravated Sexual Assault

Mr. Lowe’s client was charged with Aggravated Sexual Assault by the Mesquite Police Department.  The client was accused of holding his ex hostage in his apartment and repeatedly raping her.  The complaining witness even had injuries to her face which were visible and there was sufficient SANE exam evidence to demonstrate the complaining witness had…

Probation Northern District of Texas Federal Marriage Fraud

Client received probation on Federal Marriage Fraud Case in the Northern District of Texas.

Success in Intoxication Manslaughter Case Before Fort Worth Court of Appeals: Patterson v. State of Texas

The Fort Worth Court of Appeals (panel of Justices Walker, Gabriel, and Sudderth) has issued its opinion in an appeal of an intoxication manslaughter case coming out of Cooke County, Texas.  Michael Lowe was not on board for the criminal DWI / manslaughter trial court proceedings; he began representing the defendant, Steve Patterson, afterwards in…

Dallas .25 Blood Case Dismissed

Dallas Judge throws out DWI blood warrant.

Carson County Money Laundering Case Dismissed

Mr. Lowe’s client was stopped by Danny Dawson, 100th Judicial District of Texas (Carson County, Donley County, Hall County, Collingsworth County and Childress County) Peace Officer for District Attorney Luke Inman travelling Westbound on IH-40.  Officer Dawson was able to convince Mr. Lowe’s client to allow him to search the vehicle.  Mr. Lowe’s client was…

Collin County Sexual Assault “No Billed”

Mr. Lowe got his client’s 2nd degree Felony Sexual Assault charged “no billed” in Collin County.  Mr. Lowe’s client (Texas State licensed armed security guard) was attempting to remove his live-in girlfriend from his home in Plano, Texas.  When Plano Police arrived at the scene, his girlfriend claimed that Mr. Lowe’s client sexually assaulted (“rape”)…

Federal Conspiracy to Distribute Case: Reduced 73.5%

Federal Conspiracy to Distribute

Dallas County Second Degree Felony Serious Bodily Injury Case Reduced to Class “C”

Mr. Lowe’s client was arrested and charged with Assault/Family Violence wherein Dallas Police accused her of kicking her sister-in-law.  Her sister-in-law lost her two front teeth, which is consider a “serious permanent disfigurement” under the definition of Serious Bodily Injury in Texas Penal Code 1.07(46). Mr. Lowe’s work resulted in his client’s case being reduced…

Shaken Baby Death Case: Deferred Adjudication in Potter County, Amarillo, Texas

Mr. Lowe’s client was charged with Injury to a Child, Serious Bodily Injury, a second degree felony in Potter County, Amarillo, Texas.   The Potter County District Attorney’s office accused Mr. Lowe’s client of causing the injuries that led to a 2 year old child’s death and faced up to 20 years in the penitentiary….

Federal Structuring Case: Lowest Possible Guideline Sentence up to 58% Reduction

Mr. Lowe represented a local Pharmacist that owned two Pharmacies in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.  Mr. Lowe’s client  was accused of violating Titles 18 USC section 371 and Title 31 section 5324(d)(1).  Mr. Lowe’s client made 77 deposits in his personal bank accounts at JP Morgan and Bank of America totalling over $460,000 in amounts…