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5 Pound Marijuana Wichita Falls Felony Reduced to Misdemeanor

A professional marijuana cultivation farmer from Colorado was stopped in Wichita Falls on his way into Texas to deliver 5 pounds of high quality marijuana.  The man was then detained and questioned on the side of the road until he eventually gave consent for the police officer to search his rental car.  Texas DPS officer found 5 pounds of premium grade marijuana in the client’s trunk.


Mr. Lowe was hired after the client interviewed numerous Dallas Attorneys.  Mr. Lowe later obtained a copy of the video and then filed a his Motion to Suppress.  Mr. Lowe claimed the traffic stop was without probable cause or reasonable suspicion and the subsequent detention was also without probable cause or reasonable suspicion, even though the client eventually consented to the search.  Mr. Lowe’s work paid off.  Shortly before the Motion to Suppress Hearing, Mr. Lowe was able to persuade the Assistant District Attorney in Wichita Falls County to drop the serious Felony charge down to a misdemeanor.  Mr. Lowe’s client did NO probation and NO jail time.  Mr. Lowe’s client was only required to pay a small fine and go back to Colorado.   

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