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Fort Worth Makes Record Breaking $2,000,000 Settlement Offer in Cop Taser Killing of Michael Jacobs

Around a year ago, Michael Jacobs died after his family called the police to help them get Michael under control.  Michael was a dianosed schizophrenic, and his loved ones knew they needed help on that April afternoon. 

What they got instead was to witness a Fort Worth police officer Taser Michael to death when it appeared Michael might try and run away  — after the cops had sent away the EMS unit. 

That stun gun’s electric shock ran through Michael Jacobs’ body for 54 seconds.  After he fell to the ground, and had stopped breathing, the cops handcuffed him and called the ambulance to return.  By the way, Michael Jacobs was not armed.  He was just threatened to flee – to run off.  There’s no crime here, folks.

His mother and father witnessed their son’s stun gun death.  Imagine this afternoon for them.  Taking care of a mentally ill child, trying to protect him, and then watch your worst fears realized. 

Biggest Settlement Ever – From the City of Fort Worth

Yesterday, the Fort Worth City Council announced it was unanimously approving a settlement offer in the amount of $2,000,000 in the civil rights/wrongful death lawsuit filed by the parents of Michael Jacobs.  This is the biggest settlement that Fort Worth has ever paid for an death or injury caused by one of its own. 

By the way,  even though Michael Jacob’s death was clearly murder — the Tarrant County Medical Examiner ruled it a homicide — the Fort Worth Police Department cleared the police officers after their internal investigation.  And, a Tarrant County Grand Jury did not issue an indictment against the cops.

The City paid.  The cops didn’t.

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