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Cop Watch: Fort Worth Cops Taser Death of Michael Jacobs Was In April and Family Still Demanding Answers

Back in April, 24-year-old Michael Jacobs, Jr. was off his meds. 

A diagnosed schizophrenic, without those prescription drugs Michael could become out of control – and sure enough, on the 19th of April, something confused or upset Michael Jacobs and he became agitated. 

Knowing what his disease could do, his family called for help.  They wanted help to get Mike to the hospital. 

And help arrived.  Fort Worth police came, along with a fire crew and an ambulance.  The police shooed them away.  The cops could handle this.

So it became disoriented Michael Jacobs and three Fort Worth cops.  Obviously scared, Jacobs started making movements suggesting he was going to run — and the female cop hit him with a stun gun.  Tasered him.

Again and again and again.  While his family watched.  His mother and his father are both eyewitnesses. 

Suddenly, his father noticed that his son wasn’t breathing.  The three cops did nothing except call the ambulance to return.  No CPR.  But they did handcuff the boy….

Fifteen minutes later, the EMS techs arrived to find the young man dead.  Handcuffed, lifeless, laying on the ground. 

Of course, an investigation into these events ensued.  Actually, two investigations were begun. And, here’s the thing:  that’s it.  No results, nothing.  Four months have passed now, and the family has gone to the media demanding justice.  And you have to wonder what’s so hard about this case. 

You have witnesses.  You have a dead boy.  You have a Taser. 

When is legislation going to be passed to stop Taser-happy cops in this state?????

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