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Judge Throws Out Field Sobriety Tests; Client Found Not Guilty

Client Found Not Guilty in Dallas After Judge Threw Out Results of Field Sobriety Tests

DWI reduced to Obstruction of a Passageway

Dallas DWI Dismissed

Collin County DWI Breath Test Case Dismissed

.085 Breath Test Case Dismissed, No Probation, No Fines, No Classes

Felony DWI Reduced

Reduced To Misdemeanor; No Jail Time; No Interlock Device

Breath Test .14: Case Dismissed in Dallas County After Jury Selection

.14 breath test case dismissed and client received Obstruction of a Passageway after jury selection

Dallas DWI: Not Guilty

Dallas County Jury finds client Not Guilty

DWI in Dallas Dismissed

Client’s Driving While Intoxicated Case Dismissed in Dallas County

Indecent Exposure Case Reduced

Indecent Exposure in a Dallas Public Park, Case Reduced

DWI, Dallas County Not Guilty

Client Found Not Guilty of Driving While Intoxicated in Dallas County

Structured Money Laundering/Tax Evasion

Sentence Reduced by 42 months–Judge Departs From Federal Sentencing Guidelines