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Jury Finds Michael Lowe’s Client Not Guilty.

A Tarrant County (Fort Worth) jury has found Michael Lowe’s client not guilty of DWI

Tarrant County (Fort Worth) Jury finds Mr. Lowe’s client Not Guilty of DWI.

Mr. Lowe was able to convince the jury to find him not guilty.

DWI, .11 breath test, Collin County, Texas: Not Guilty.

Mr. Lowe obtained an acquittal for his client who is an attorney at one of the largest and most prestigious law firms in Dallas.

Client who embezzled $365,000 from a Dallas Nursing Home received probation

Client who embezzled $365,000 from a Dallas Nursing Home received probation.

Client No Billed by a Dallas County Grand Jury.

Client was arrested at Dallas Love Field for attempting to bring a weapon (Chinese Star) into the sterile area – No Billed.

Dallas DWI case reduced to Obstruction of a Passageway.

On the day of trial, Mr. Lowe was able to get the case reduced to the traffic violation Obstruction of a Passageway.

DWI Breath Test thrown out in Collin County.

Mr. Lowe\’s Motion to Suppress the 0.11 breath test result (well beyond the legal limit), was granted in Collin County.

Client found NOT GUILTY on weapons charge.

Client was found in possession of brass knuckles at DFW airport during a security screening and charged with a Third Degree Felony.

Fort Worth Terroristic Threat case dismissed.

Alleged family violence case was dismissed by the Tarrant County District Attorney\’s office prior to trial.

Dallas DWI case dismissed.

Irving police department arrested client for suspected DWI.