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No Case Filed/Case Closed

Haltom City Police Declined to File Charges for Aggravated or 2nd Degree Sexual Assault

Sixth DWI, Probation, No Jail

Client Found Guilty of his Sixth DWI Received Five Year Probation and Ten Day work release

Collin County Rejected Assault Case

Collin County No Case Filed

No Case Filed Possession/Distribution Child Pornography

No Case Filed and Dallas Police Investigation Concluded

Dallas County Gun Case No Billed

Dallas County Grand Jury No Bills Possession of a Weapon Case at Dallas Love Field

Search Warrant Ruled Illegal

Case Dismissed-Tarrant County Judge Granted Motion To Suppress

Second Degree Felony Sexual Assault Case No Billed

Collin County Grand Jury No Bills Client in Rape Allegation

Mr. Lowe gets another family violence case dismissed.


Client’s Case Reversed On Appeal

Judge’s Denial of Petition For NonDisclosure Reversed on Appeal

Probation, No jail time for Habitual Offender (25 to Life)

Client on Parole and facing a minimum of 25 years to Life on Felony DWI gets probation with no jail time