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Client\’s parole NOT revoked and sentence discharged.

Client assumed a new identity for six years in Ohio although he had a parole warrant for his arrest in Texas.

Client will be able to expunge all records.

Mr.Lowe’s pre-indictment investigation proved false the allegations

In DWI case, a hung jury in Denton County.

Client blew well over the legal limit, admitted to drinking 8 beers and was found with 2 marijuana pipes and marijuana in his car.

Client gets probation and his parole continued.

Mr. Lowe\’s work prevented client from getting up to ten years on his fourth DWI.

Drug Paraphernalia case dismissed.

A court in Denton County dismissed client\’s Possession of Drug Paraphernalia charge.

Client facing an aggravated and enhanced sentence gets a misdemeanor.

Mr. Lowe\’s investigation revealed the Police Department conducted an incomplete investigation which overlooked exonerating witness statements.

Taylor County (Abilene) Judge dismissed weapons trafficking and theft charg

Court suppressed illegally obtained evidence pursuant to a search of client\’s vehicle without consent to search.

Court of Appeals granted writ of habeas corpus.

Prosecutors barred from retrying client based on prosecutorial misconduct.

A Grand Jury returned a No Bill for client on charge of Injury to a Child.

Grand Jury exonerated client and decided the Rowlett police department failed to consider client’s efforts to reasonably discipline his own child.

Tarrant County DA’s Office dismissed Felony Burglary of a Habitation case.

Investigation exonerates client who was facing up to twenty years for a Second Degree Felony Burglary of a Habitation case.