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Cop Watch: Refugio Chief of Police Indicted after Fed Investigation

The Federal Bureau 0f Investigation (FBI), together with the Texas Rangers, just keeps on its quiet tour of the State of Texas, bopping one law enforcement agency after another with criminal indictments.  They’re doing this so often, it’s almost like an adult and scary version of Little Bunny Foo-Foo in that forest with all the field mice ….

FBI and Texas Rangers Investigation Results in Felony Indictment of Refugio Chief of Police

Last Wednesday, the FBI and Texas Ranger team were down in Refugio, watching as the Grand Jury issued an indictment of the Chief of Police for Refugio, Texas (about 30 minutes north of Corpus) on charges of (1) felony theft by a public servant, (2) misapplication of fiduciary property and (3) three counts of abuse of official capacity.  Police Chief Chris Brock surrendered the next day and was released after posting $55,000 bond.

Chief Brock is accused of stealing somewhere between $20-100,000 from a police forfeiture account.  The investigation took about three years, and started with someone complaining to the Texas Rangers about the forfeiture monies (cash taken from criminals). 

Those Tempting Forfeiture Accounts

Forfeiture accounts appear to be very tempting for law enforcement … just this past June, we were posting about over $4,000,000 in drug forfeiture money that was missing from the Jim Wells County accounts and discovered to have been used by the old District Attorney on trips to Vegas and things. 

Geez, pondering all those millions missing from the Jim Wells County forfeiture account, it sorta sounds like Refugio Chief Brock wasn’t doing anything much more than hitting petty cash ….

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