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Cop Watch: Feds Say 6 Dallas Cops Lied To Put Innocent Man Behind Bars for 10 Months

First, here are the names:

Lawrence Coddington
Jerry Dodd
David Durica
David Nevitt
Frank Poblenz
Randy Sundquist.

These six men led relatively quiet lives, until now. They were cops. They led cop lives, wore the uniform, drove the car, raised the families.

They got the respect that police get these days — kids waving at them from the street, grandmas smiling at them in the mall. These days, it’s not like the Sixties. These days, we are a society that takes pride in our men in blue. Maybe 9/11 had something to do with that, I dunno.

Now, they’ve lost all that. And the Dallas Police Department has one more smear on its reputation. A reputation that is still tarnished with the 2001 Fake Drug Scandal (remember that? Over 80 cases were dismissed after WFAA-TV exposed a pattern of cops busting folk, including lots of Mexican immigrants, for what turned out NOT to be illegal substances at all. Fake Drugs.)

And, maybe we’ve all lost something here. Wait, there’s no “maybe” with that one.

What happened?

These six veteran cops (the youngest is 41, the oldest is 57) are accused of putting a man in jail on false charges, where he sat — an innocent man — for 10 months. Almost a year.

Because, according to the feds, the cops LIED. THEY LIED. And there’s video to prove it.

Federal prosecutors have filed a federal lawsuit charging civil rights violations here, and who knows if there’s gonna be criminal charges, too. They think they have a strong case — which was helped by the innocent guy’s criminal defense attorney who was savvy enough to fully investigate the situation. He found a video that is clean and clear and directly contradicts what the cops said.

Sure, there’s a guy carrying a black bag with guns and drugs. It’s just NOT this guy. Not even close.

Why Do This Stupid Thing?

The Feds, and the innocent guy’s attorney, are blatant in their allegations that Officer Nevitt lied when he said this guy had drugs and guns with him when the guy was arrested outside of a North Dallas hotel.

These six cops all went over to the Windham Hotel to bust this guy for violating his parole. Don’t know why this took 6 cops.

Nevitt, apparently, is the cop that pointed the finger. Repeatedly and adamently. The others backed him up.

Dodd wrote the police report. He wrote that Nevitt saw the guy leave the hotel with this Evil Bag, which the guy dropped after he spotted the cops coming for him. The report fails to mention the hotel video.

Now, we’ve got an innocent man who lost almost a year of his life. And, we’ve got another situation where those boxes full of prosecution cases marked “closed” are going to have to be pulled out and investigated, because who knows how many other times this may have happened.

And, finally, we’ve got that guy that got away — the real guy on the video, who really dropped the Evil Black Bag — smiling just a little as he reads the morning paper.


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