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Cop Watch: Texas Rangers Investigating 2 Seguin Cops in 2 Separate Incidents

Seguin Police Chief Kevin Kelso, according to media reports, first became aware of some bad stuff going on within his department when he got word that the Texas Rangers were investigating one of his officers — so Kelso put this officer on paid leave.

Sometime after that, a second set of facts revealed themselves about another Seguin police officer, and a second investigation into these allegations is also being undertaken. Kelso is threatening this second cop with termination.

The media coverage hasn’t given great detail about what’s going on over in Seguin, but through the Texas Public Information Act, the Seguin Gazette-Enterprise has reported about three letters that have been released to them.

First Seguin Police Officer – Allegations of Some Type of “Criminal Complaint”

The first two letters, from Chief Kelso to the first officer, reference allegations of a “criminal complaint,” and the placing of the first officer on paid leave. The second letter to this same officer forbids him from entering the Police Department “for any reason at any hour,” and gives Kelso’s request that the officer stay in his home and available to investigators during normal business hours.

Second Seguin Police Officer – Allegations of “Improper Relationship with a Minor Child”

The third letter was written by Seguin Chief Kelso to the second, unidentified officer just last Friday. This letter gives more details into what the allegations are against this Seguin cop, and the letter itself is quoted in the Seguin Gazette Enterprise and reprinted here:

“I am considering termination of your employment for conduct unbecoming an officer of the Seguin Police Department…. Specifically, it is alleged by two local educators that you have engaged in an improper relationship with a minor child and that you are responsible for inappropriate communications (text messages) with that child.”

Interestingly, the San Antonio Express News is reporting these two police officers as being one currently on the force, and one who has “recently left the force.”


Seguin Gazette-Enterprise

San Antonio Express News

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