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Whistleblower Gregory London Back On The Job With Back Pay After Blowing Whistle About Dallas County Constable Derick Evans Campaign Antics

This week, Gregory London returned to his job at the Dallas County Precinct 1 Constable’s Office after being reinstated by the Dallas County Civil Service Commission, which also awarded London back pay and benefits covering the time he was out of work after spilling the beans about his boss to an ex-agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) who was hired by the County to investigate things.

If you’re spending any time here in Dallas, visiting or working, then you’ve probably heard about the scandal where a local County Constable was violating the law while trying to get himself reelected. Gregory London was a “Deep Throat” informer who told the ex-FBI agent what he was seeing: London later was fired by Derick Evans, the Constable running for re-election.

London was fired in June 2011, and returns to work in July 2012, so he’s getting around a year’s worth of back pay and benefits paid to him. Evans, meanwhile, has also had a big month in July 2012. That’s because he’s just been convicted of violating the law by holding a raffle to raise money for his campaign.

This took awhile.

Evans fought hard and faced a jury sentencing him to 2 years probation and a $10,000 fine only after two trials had taken place and three years had gone by in investigating Evans’ activities in running for office. The Dallas County Constable was found guilty by the jury of committing organized crime in holding an illegal raffle. (The first trial ended in a mistrial.)   The jury didn’t give Evans any jail time, though, after having the option of sentencing Evans for up to 2 years incarceration.

So, Gordon is back on the job. Evans is still on the job, too, technically speaking: Evans is appealing the decision and he won’t be removed from office until after the appellate process of grading the trial court’s papers is done. And then, Evans will only be removed if that appellate process comes down on the same side of things as the Dallas County jurors did.

However, the trial court judge ordered that Evans isn’t to do any work – he’s just not going to be officially removed as Constable until the appeals are finished.

Evans’ argument at trial, and presumably on appeal too: his campaign did not have a raffle because tickets were not sold to people thinking that they were maybe going to win a prize but instead to people who thought they were donating to his campaign for re-election.

Prize: against the law.  Donation: legally okay.

Meanwhile, Gregory London was not booted from the Constable’s Office because he chatted with investigators.  London’s termination was based upon an allegation that London had messed with county records dealing with an eviction notice.  He has been given his job back along with the back pay because the Commission has decided it was not wrong – that London had a training problem that caused the records mess, and London didn’t intentionally falsify anything.

Some, including the Dallas Morning News, are calling for Constable Derick Evans to resign.  Should someone convicted of organized crime keep their elected position as an officer of the law after a jury has rendered their verdict?

Before you answer, consider this:  there’s more to this story than the raffle.  There’s the issue of Dowdy Ferry Auto Services — which is a bigger deal we’ve been following for awhile now. Something the Dallas Morning News is pointing out ….

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