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Cop Watch: The Saga of Dallas County Constables Jaime Cortes and Derick Evans – Dan Wyde Enters the Fray

Earlier this month, we looked at Dallas County Constables Jaime Cortes and Derick Evans because they have filed legal arguments with the court (which are set for hearing on November 23rd) that the Dallas County Commissioners do not have the legal right to investigate county constables.  Our concern at the time was the taking of the constables’ computers, with all the information contained on the hard drives being seen by who knows how many folk — and the possible privacy invasions that are occuring regarding innocent people wrongfully charged or investigated. 

Computer Privacy and Towing Contracts and Who’s Investigating Who

Back in August, we looked at the same two Dallas County Constables, wondering if District Attorney Craig Watkins was going to investigate Constable Cortes or Constable Evans after the big write-up in the Dallas Morning News about their alleged connections with the Dowdy Ferry Auto Services (a towing company).  

Interestingly, the investigation that’s making all the press this month isn’t anything that DA Watkins has done — it’s the Dallas County Commissioners own investigation that is causing the brouhaha, and attorneys for the Commissioners will be in the courtroom on November 23rd, not lawyers from the District Attorney’s office. 

Well, there’s another twist in the story of County Constables Cortes and Evans as of last week.   

Now, the Dallas Morning News has reported that formal contracts exist between these two Constables (for Precincts 1 and 5) and the Dowdy Ferry Auto Services.  But the big part of the News’ story doesn’t appear to be the contract so much as the attorney representing the towing company:  Dan Wyde.   The newspaper’s online version goes so far as to reference its 2006 story on attorney Wyde, from when he was running for District Attorney, and all the controversies that surround him. 

So many things to ponder here.  And many of them are found in the Comments to the DMN story….

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