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Missing Prosecutor Ray Gricar – Recent Claim That Hells Angels Club Member Ordered Hit on Gricar Doesn’t Ring True. He’s Missing Not Dead – Just Ask the FBI.

Ray Gricar, remember him? He was the prosecutor handling the Penn State child sex abuse investigation against the then-beloved defensive coordinator of the Penn State football team, Jerry Sandusky, way back when and Gricar was the District Attorney who decided NOT to prosecute Jerry Sandusky, telling the press that in his opinion there wasn’t enough evidence to proceed with the case.

This despite what we know today. Today, Jerry Sandusky is a convicted felon, convicted of felony charges involving serial child sexual assaults on 45 of 48 counts and sentenced to 30-60 years behind bars in October 2012.

This despite Ray Gricar being part of an early police sting where in one victim’s house, Sandusky admitted as he spoke with the boy’s mother (while the cops listened) that he showered with the child victim, which would corroborate the sexual abuse allegation. During that conversation, Sandusky also admitted to that boy’s mother that what he did was wrong.

Read the Grand Jury Testimony of eight (8) victims here and make your own determination about whether or not Gricar had enough evidence to go forward back then with charges against Sandusky. (Sandusky’s confession is discussed as part of the Victim 6 testimony.)

Fall 2005 Disappearance of District Attorney Ray Gricar

In 2005, District Attorney Ray Gricar mysteriously disappears. Poof! He takes off work to go for a drive and he’s never seen again. His car was found abandoned 50 miles away from his home; his laptop, wallet, and keys were missing; and there was a search on the home computer, “how to wreck a hard drive.”

That’s really interesting because his laptop (that Gricar had to return as DA Office property since he was about to retire) was found in a local river, but its hard drive was long gone. The innards of Gricar’s laptop had been gutted.

It’s 2013 and Gricar’s body has never been found. There are those who think that he committed suicide. There are those that think he walked away and is reading about Penn State football online from a South American beach somewhere.

And there are those that think he was murdered. This hypothesis got some support last week when a former Hells’ Angel Motorcycle Club member told investigators (including local police and FBI agents) that he was the man who ordered the killing of Gricar because Gricar prosecuted a case against the guy which ended up in a heavy prison sentence.

This man is telling the police that he knows where Gricar’s body is located; however, he’s refusing to give that information until he gets a deal for a shorter sentence.

Read more about this Hells Angel “revelation” here.

Not Buying the Hells’ Angel Story On Gricar’s Death

Not many are buying this new development as being true. Not even Gricar’s family is taking his story seriously, apparently.

Here’s a question: if the motorcycle club assassins killed Gricar and then threw his body down a shaft somewhere, where other bodies were tossed as well as some guns, then why not throw his laptop down there, too? Can we seriously imagine that the biker club folk would gut the laptop’s hard drive and then toss the laptop in the river as two separate actions from dumping the body in a hole in the middle of nowhere? Really?

Perhaps the biggest clue that Ray Gricar is still out there somewhere is this. Despite the local county judge granting Ray Gricar’s daughter motion to declare Gricar legally dead back in July 2011, today the Federal Bureau of Investigation still shows a MISSING poster on its website for Mr. Gricar. Missing, not dead.

We’re betting with the FBI. Ray Gricar ran away after helping out Penn State football and he’s still out there, somewhere.




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