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Suspicious Ray Gricar Actions as D.A. Investigating Penn State Child Abuse Makes Me Think Gricar Is Alive and Well, and the FBI Does Too

Ray Gricar is a name that most people recognize now, as the Penn State scandal just keeps getting biggerIt’s Ray Gricar’s story that I want to discuss, but first things first.


Right now, this Pennsylvania DA is talked about like he’s dead, maybe a good guy who got assassinated; assistant football coach Mike McQueary still has a job at Penn State; Penn State Head Football Coach Joe Paterno (“JoPa”) just got fired; and former defense coordinator Jerry Sandusky is facing child sex-abuse charges.

Tomorrow, lots of people will be watching what all this will mean when the Penn State Nittany Lions go up against Nebraska.  It’s going to be televised starting at noon EST on ESPN.

Seems there’s a move to get everyone to wear white to the game as a show of support for JoPa, who only lost his job after a growing public outcry.  How many will be wearing white at the game?  You gotta wonder.

Mike McQueary Put on Admin Leave Today for His Safety

Today, we know that Penn State assistant coach Mike McQueary has been placed on administrative leave – not for wrongdoing, though, but for his safety.  Seems McQuery’s getting death threats.  Shocking, right?  Shocking that some folk may be very, very angry that the guy who witnessed a boy being sexually abused in a shower and then ran home to daddy rather than help that kid should be allowed to be on the field tomorrow.

What is all this about child abuse?  Read the Grand Jury testimony here. McQueary is the graduate student testifying regarding Victim 2.  We’ll also be very interested in Victim 6 testimony, but that’s in a bit.

Penn State University Apparently Still Doesn’t Get It – Or Do They?

Safety for McQueary.  Couple this with today’s latest news release from the Penn State powers that be, and you gotta wonder when these guys are going to snap.  Kids were hurt – and today’s statement from the Penn State Board of Trustees?  Get this, from their release:

We call upon all members of the University community to rededicate ourselves to ensuring the integrity of our institution.

Wo Nellie.  Their integrity?  Penn State’s reputation?  Really????

Here’s My Opinion On Ray Gricar- the Criminal Defense Lawyer Perspective

I want to explain the implications of what I’ve been reading about Pennsylvania prosecutor Ray Gricar — the district attorney that has been missing since 2005.  Here’s what I’m thinking, from my perspective as a Board Certified criminal defense attorney practicing criminal law for many years in Texas.

1.  Ray Gricar is no hero.

Ray Gricar was present for that Grand Jury and he’s hearing all that testimony.  Go read the Victim 6 testimony.  In it, Sandusky gave a confession, a CONFESSION.

Sandusky states to Victim 6’s mother — as overheard by State College Police Department Detective Ralph Ralston and University Police Detective Ronald Shreffler — that his genitals “maybe” touched the kid’s naked body as he, also naked, hugged the boy in the shower.  Sandusky to the mother: “I understand.  I was wrong.  I wish I could get forgiveness.  I know I won’t get it from you.  I wish I could die.”

Jerry Sandusky knew what he had done to those boys was wrong.  He said so.  This testimony is absolute proof of guilt.  Any wet behind the ears DA could have gotten a conviction with this evidence.

Ray Gricar wasn’t a newbie prosecutor.  Ray Gricar had this testimony, along with everything else you can read in that Grand Jury transcript, and he didn’t file a thing.

All this jabber about Gricar being his own man and going after justice, not being political: that is a bunch of hooey.  Read the six victim transcript. It’s blatantly obvious Gricar is no hero here.

2.  Ray Gricar Intentionally Didn’t Pursue This Prosecution

Media reports have DA Ray Gricar involved in the Sandusky child abuse investigation with Gricar having Jerry Sandusky setup by police in one victim’s house, where he spoke with the boy’s mother while the cops listened to the conversation.   As reported to the Grand Jury, Jerry Sandusky admitted in the presence of a police officer that he, in fact, showered with the child victim, which would corroborate the sexual abuse allegation. He also admitted that what he did was wrong.

So, cops have the evidence and they take it back to the DA.  Think about Law and Order on TV: the cop part of the show is done, and now the story flips to the attorney part.

Well, here District Attorney Ray Gricar declined to prosecute Penn State’s Jerry Sandusky for a lack of evidence. Gricar is telling people that he doesn’t have enough to go forward.

Look, I’m an experienced criminal defense attorney: usually having a prosecutor say words like this is music to my ears.  Not here.  This is very, very strange based on my experience. Read that transcript again: Gricar doesn’t have enough evidence?  Bull.

3.  Gricar Disappears in 2005 – So Where is He?

Next thing you know, District Attorney Ray Gricar has disappeared from the face of the earth. No body has ever been found.  From the NCAA site, we know that his car was found abandoned 50 miles away from his home; his laptop, wallet, and keys were missing; and there was a search on the home computer, “how to wreck a hard drive.”

His personal computer – a laptop that Gricar was supposed to return to the District Attorney’s Office as he was about to retire – was found in a local river, but its hard drive was long gone.  Guts of that laptop had been apparently removed.

In my opinion, it seems like Gricar deep-sixed the sex investigation to protect Penn State, and has since disappeared. But that doesn’t mean he’s dead.

FBI Reports Ray Gricar is Missing, Not Dead

If you visit the Federal Bureau of Investigation site, you will find what the federal government thinks about this case.  Pennsylvania district attorney Ray Gricar is listed as MISSING.  He’s known to have not one but two alias:  Ray Gray and Ray Lange.

Ray Gricar even has his own Wanted poster (pdf downloadable here).

4.  Meanwhile, Police Close the Case on Gricar – After Checking With Psychics

Now, what about the local police up near Penn State?  What have they done to find Ray Gricar?  Well, we know one thing:  they’ve checked leads given to them by psychics and shockingly, that didn’t get them anywhere.

Watch this YouTube video, complete with spooky psychics and law enforcement interviews on a case gone cold.

Apparently, this was enough for the local powers that be:  a local county judge declared Ray Gricar to be presumed dead in July 2011 at the request of his daughter.  (The FBI Missing Persons list remains current.)

5.  In My Opinion, Ray Gricar Is Alive and Well and We All Need to “Amber Alert” Him

The FBI has Gricar as missing.  The New York Times is reporting on how lots of other folk think he’s still alive and kicking.  I do, too.

I think we all need to be on the lookout for Ray Gricar or Ray Lange or Ray Gray … because this is the worst case of prosecutorial misconduct I’ve seen.  Justice served?  The injustice of this entire Penn State scandal angers and sickens me, and Ray Gricar’s job was to fight for those boys.  From what we have as facts right now, we know he didn’t do it.

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