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Dallas Morning News Starts Its Own List of Texas Officials Facing Removal From Office

Yesterday, the Dallas Morning News had an interesting item: an article entitled “Case Studies of Officials Who Have Faced Removal,” which lists four men who have been investigated for doing bad things while acting in their official capacity:

  1. EDUARDO “WALO” BAZAN, Hidalgo County constable, convicted of felony theft (probated) for taking a seized, stolen truck for his personal use. He’s been reelected to office, though this case was affirmed on appeal. Who knows whether he’s acting with authority right now; and  
  2. LARRY DALE FLOYD, Denton county constable, removed from office after he faced accusations of child pornography here in Texas and something more sinister, trying to have sex with an eight year old, up in Colorado.

Now, reading the first two in this list, you’d think maybe the News was just organizing county constables who got into some trouble, since there’s also coverage in the News on the Dallas County Constable Cortes controversy.

You’d be wrong.

The next two in their list are ERNEST GERARD MIRELES, formerly the Maverick County attorney, who resigned after allegations wree filed against him that he wasn’t even in the county for months; and SAUL OCHOA, another constable.  Ochoa, out of Cameron County, was busted for selling marijuana that had been seized in drug busts – he was convicted and sentenced to prison.  

And then their list ends.  Wassup with that?

Here on this blog (both here and in our Blogger version), we’ve made it a raison d’etre to keep watch on Texas officials — whether they’re judges, prosecutors, or law enforcment officials, that are doing Bad Things. 

And our list (if you’d like to surf thru the categories over there to the right, categories like “Judge Watch” and “Cop Watch”) is a WHOLE LOT LONGER THAN FOUR NAMES.  These folk not only faced removal, they’ve faced serious jail time. 

  1. For example, what about federal district judge Samuel Kent, the first federal judge ever accused of sex crimes, and who is now serving time in the pen?
  2. Former state district judge and Ombudsman of the Texas Youth Commission, Cathy Evans, who faced a felony indictment for smuggling stuff into a prison facility?
  3. Texas district judge Manuel Barraza, busted by the FBI last spring for taking bribes?
  4. Montague County Sheriff Bill Keating, who copped a plea to get 10 years in a federal pen?
  5. Refugio’s Chief of Police Chris Brock indicted last fall for felony theft (among other charges)?

There’s lots more.  We’d be happy to compare notes with the Dallas Morning News, if they’re interested.  Because there’s a lot more corruption in our state than that piddly little list of four names would lead you to believe, sad to say.

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