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Worldwide Media Coverage Follows Texas Cops Taking Goat Into Custody. Great.

Once upon a time there was this goat.  The goat lived in Odessa, Texas.  One day in March 2010, the goat got bored.  Lonely, even.   

So, the goat decided to get out there, and have an adventure.  It was a beautiful Saturday morning, and he’d heard wonderful things about something called a CrunchWrap Supreme.   The goat told his buddies “adios” and ventured forth.

Now, here’s what happened according to hundreds of media reports, coming from all around the world ….

The citizens of Odessa first spotted the Adventurous Goat on 42nd Street, as he headed into the Taco Bell parking lot.  Terrified, someone called the cops and soon, four (yes, 4) Odessa law enforcement officers, two animal control officers, and one off-duty cop on a motorcycle were all rallying to action.  They would catch the fiendish goat.

Media reports are that the Adventurous Goat led the 4 on-duty cops, the motorcycle cop, and the 2 animal control guys (that’s 7 men, if you’re counting) from 42nd Street, through the Taco Bell parking lot, thru Memorial Gardens Park, into the UT-Permian Basin campus over to where the dorms are located.  There were no confirmations of any goat-led panty raids going on.  Traffic control was on the alert, and the Adventurous Goat was nearly corraled by brave Texas cop Randy Vest, who told reporters that he and A.G. had a standoff in a campus alley, but the wiley goat got away.

Finally, as all stories must, the Adventurous Goat’s Big Adventure came to an end.   Spotted near the intersection of JBS Parkway and Highway 80, animal control brought him down with a tranquilizer gun, and took the unconscious goat into their custody

We do not know when the owner came to claim his goat, but we do know that the infamous Texas Criminal Justice System has one more international story now, upon which to build its reputation.  Zowie.

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