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Watch Texas Cop on Dashcam Go After 2 Elderly Gentlemen on Their Way to Hospital: Video Released, Cop Quits, 73-Year-Old Eventually Gets Medical Treatment

Here’s the video that KTRE is graciously sharing online with all of us, showing Lufkin cop Grant Jones pulling over 75 year old Tracey Lott as he was driving fast, trying to get his pal Johnny Hodge, 73, to the hospital. (Mr. Hodge was later hospitalized for respiratory and blood pressure problems.) Surprised?

After this dashcam video hit the media, office Jones resigned.

Watch for yourself as the police officer pulls the car over, draws his gun on the obviously non-violent, non-threatening senior who was driving, is disrespectful as he forces the driver, handcuffed behind his back, into the police car, and more.

Listen to his tone, his words — and think: the elderly gentlemen in that passenger seat, on the way to the hospital, could be dying.  Luckily, he wasn’t — but who knew that at the time? 

“It don’t make no difference, ” the cop says to Mr. Hodge – ill, sick, setting in his buddy’s front seat there on the side of the road, as Mr. Hodge tries to explain that his friend was just trying to get him fast medical care. No wonder this is getting national news coverage:

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