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Veteran Texas D.A. Busted for Intoxication So He Quits 26 Year Job

On the job 26 years and one day, it’s all over. Seems that Jim Kopp, who had been an assistant district attorney down in the Bexar County District Attorney’s office (serving the San Antonio area) since 1985, quit a couple of weeks ago after he spent some time in the Bandera County Jail, not as a prosecutor but as a criminal.

Mr. Kopp was busted by a Texas Parks and Wildlife Department Game Warden while he was boating with pals out on Medina Lake. The Game Warden told the media that he pulled over Kopp’s boat to do a routine water safety check – but after he started his safety check, he noticed that Jim Kopp was acting, well, drunk. Bad sign: there were empty beer cans in the boat.

So, the Game Warden did some field sobriety tests and lo and behold, the Ass’t D.A. is being escorted back to the Hoosegow and charged with the Class B misdemeanor of boating with intoxicated.

After spending time in the local jail, the veteran prosecutor bonded out and then went to work back in San Antonio where promptly turned in his resignation.

Who knows what Jim Kopp is going to do now — but he’s left a job that he started back when Ronald Reagan was president; Madonna started her first concert tour; and Coca-Cola introduced “New Coke.”

That’s a long time to be working in the same office and now, in the span of 48 hours and some brewskis, it’s all over.

Oh, and by the way, back in 1985 according to InformationPlease:

US GDP (1998 dollars): $4,180.70 billion
Federal spending: $946.39 billion
Federal debt: $1817.5 billion
Median Household Income (current dollars): $23,618
Consumer Price Index: 107.6
Unemployment: 7.2%
Cost of a first-class stamp: $0.20 ($0.22 as of 2/17/1985)

Interesting to think that Jim Kopp was not only a former chief of criminal trials for the San Antonio District Attorney; at the time of his resignation, Kopp was in charge of putting together databases for the DWI Task Force.

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