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Veteran Dallas Cop To Be Fired After Discovery That He Lied In His Police Reports

Another veteran Texas cop is discovered to be bad news — seems like this is getting to be a regular news story, right?

This week, it was the Dallas Police Department who had the shameful task of informing the media and the public at large that a police force veteran (13 years) would face termination after the revelation of his bad acts.

Dallas Police Department Assistant Chief Vince Golbeck issued the formal recommendation to fire Senior Cpl. Avery Redd at a disciplinary hearing held last Thursday.

What Did the Bad Cop Do? He Lied.

At the disciplinary hearing, according to the Dallas Morning News, the assistant chief reported that Officer Redd had falsified two police reports.

The department’s internal affairs investigation apparently plowed through the work done by Officer Redd over the past few months, and discovered that things didn’t jive. Seems Redd:

1.  Claimed a Fantasy Arrest.  Redd filed a police report back in February 2011 that he had arrested a woman for criminal trespass — but it never happened.

2.  Took Toy Gun From Trucker and Filed It in Property Room as a Real Weapon.  In the same month, Officer Redd filed another report claiming to have checked a weapon into the DPD property room after he confiscated it from a big rig.  

It appears that something did make it into the property room — but not at the time that the police report filed by Redd claimed it was there.   Moreover, it wasn’t a real gun – even though Redd listed it as if it were a pistol in the report. 

Turns out that the dangerous weapon that he took from the big rig was a toy gun.  Toy. Gun.  Which he listed with a serial number on the report just like it was a Magnum 357 of Dirty Harry fame.  (Why?  Dunno.)

How did the dominoes start falling for Officer Redd?

Apparently, another cop turned him into the Powers That Be.  Seems one of his brother cops got ticked when Officer Redd asked him to cover for him by signing Redd out 20 minutes early for a moonlighting gig at a truck stop. 

This cop went to his supervisor and spilled the beans on Officer Redd.  The result today is that a cop who has been patroling the Dallas streets since 1998 is losing his job. 

Questions Pop Up for All of Us

Gotta wonder what would have happened if the other cop hadn’t gotten mad, right? 

And, of course, who is checking the veracity of police reports?  The system depends upon the honor and integrity of these reports.  Apparently, that is naive of us. 

Lesson learned:  a police report is only as reliable as the cop who wrote it up.

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