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U.S. Supreme Court Finds Judge – DA Love Affair During Murder Trial Isn’t Worth Their Time. What? Really?

The good news for Charles Dean Hood is that he’s still going to get another bite at the apple on his sentence.  The Texas Court of Criminal Appeals has already ruled that another sentencing trial will happen for Mr. Hood.

Charles Dean Hood Is Snubbed by the United States Supreme Court – They Don’t Do a Thing about the Judge-DA Affair During Trial

However, the bad news is this: the United States Supreme Court has done squat about the rest of Mr. Hood’s case.  And Charles Dean Hood had a pretty darn good reason to ask for a new guilt-or-innocence trial: during his original trial, the judge and the District Attorney trying the case for the State of Texas were having a sexual affair. 

Pillow Talk?  We have to assume so, don’t we?  Isn’t that the right thing to do — assume that the lovers talked about their WORK, which just happened to be whether or not Charles Dean Hood should be convicted of capital murder and sentenced to die?

Supreme Court Is Silent on Their Reasons for This – Despite the Legion of Legal Ethics Scholars, Judges, and Prosecutors that Joined with Hood in his Request.

While for many, this Judge-DA Hanky Panky Point of Error seemed a slam dunk argument it obviously wasn’t for the High Court.  They tossed out Hood’s petition on Monday.  Without comment. 

This, in the face of 20+ former judges and prosecutors filing an amicus brief supporting Hood’s position, along with 30+ experts in legal ethics.

Hood’s attorney has decried this as “fundemental injustice.”   

Of course it is. 

Read the Amicus Brief filed on behalf of Charles Dean Hood before the U.S. Supreme Court by former judges, state prosecutors, and state officials (including former Texas Governor Mark White and former FBI director William Sessions) at the Constitution Project site, where it is available for download as a pdf.

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