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Texas Police Officer Arrests 77 Year Old Grandma After Traffic Stop: You Be the Judge – It’s All on Caught on Police Cam

A few weeks ago, here in Texas, a 77-year old grandma was driving home from church when she was pulled over by the police.  Apparently, the officer had her doing 66 mph in a 55 mph speed limit, so he pulled her over.

She told the officer that she really needed to use the bathroom — and anyone with a senior grandma or grandpa knows that sometimes, these things can’t wait — and the police officer just IGNORES her and DRAGS her out of her car.

Arrests her.

Handcuffs Grandma.

She’s 77. He’s ridiculous.

And, yes. This was all caught on video — the cop had a camera on his uniform as well as a dashcam in his patrol car. Watch it for yourself, and you decide what should be done to this police officer (the Keene Police Department has done nothing, its representative has told the media that the officer acted within department policy guidelines.)

On the continuum between Sheriff Andy Taylor and Deputy Barney Fife, where does this guy go?

And where would Grandma be right now, if there weren’t these cameras on the dashboard and his uniform?  Think about that.

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