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Texas Jail Guard Convicted of Sneaking Hacksaw Blade to Inmate Inside Taco, Makes News Worldwide

A San Antonio jail guard named Alfred Casas, three years on the job, took his chances with a jury this week and ended up convicted yesterday of (1) two counts of bribery, and (2) one count of providing an inmate with escape elements. Each bribery count is a felony carrying a possible 2 to 20 years in prison. For providing an inmate with “escape implements,” the guard faces 2 to 10 years. The jury will be deliberating sentencing today.

Soft Taco Smuggling of a Hacksaw Blade

So what happened to let this 31-year-old jail guard go from guarding inmates to becoming an inmate? He smuggled a hacksaw blade into an inmate at the Bexar County Detention Center inside a soft taco.

That’s right: a blade inside a taco instead of the proverbial blade inside a cake.

Seems that the jail guard had a back pain problem and wasn’t able to get enough pain pills to deal with it, so he made a deal with the inmate to exchange Xanax pills for stuff – like the saw blades. The inmate’s girlfriend testified that she met the guard in the jail parking lot and handed over the tacos, telling him that the blades were hidden inside the food. She would also be the one who would provide the Xanax medication to the guard as his payment for bringing the tacos to the inmate.

Makes National and International News – More Help for Texas’ Reputation

Maybe it was the taco part of the story that did it, maybe it was the hacksaw…but this story has made not only the national news coverage, it has gone global. (Read Great Britain’s Daily Mail story about the verdict here.)

Newspapers around the world are reporting to their readers all about the Texas jail guard who was busted for a taco – more good media coverage for our fair state.

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