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Texas DA’s Drug Investigator Busted for Drugs He Got Via Forged Prescriptions

In every district attorney’s office across the State of Texas, there are men and women employed as investigators for the State.  They’re gumshoes just like the private detectives you see on television — they go out and talk to people, track down facts, get information that the attorneys then use to supply evidence in support of their criminal cases.  

In other words, the investigators for Texas prosecutors are out in the front lines, and you’d expect them to be professional, exact, and trustworthy.  After all, they’re trying to find stuff to use against Texas citizens who have been accused of crimes, right? 

DA’s Drug Investigator Caught with Norco and Ativan

Wrong.  Down in Bee County, the Grand Jury has just issued indictments against Doug Phillips, who was the drug investigator for Bee County District Attorney Martha Warner.   Seems that back in November 2008, Doug Phillips was caught with two prescription drugs: Norco and Ativan.

Doug Phillips was indicted along with a woman named Tammy Ezzell, who allegedly had been getting prescription drugs on Christus Spohn Hospital forms without having the okay from the physician whose name appeared on the form.

It’s not clear from media reports exactly what the relationship is between Doug and Tammy, but reading between the lines it looks pretty clear that Tammy was not a good influence.

Former DA Investigator Faces 10+ Years in Prison and $10,000 Fine

Now, Investigator Phillips — whose job was to investigate illegal drug cases — is facing two counts of third degree felony. If he’s convicted on any of these charges, he faces up to 10 years in prison and monetary fines up to $10,000. 

Bee County DA Warner reports that Doug Phillips has been “separated” from her office.  But that doesn’t mean he’s fired — Warner has gone on record that Phillips’ has a job is waiting for him if he is found not guilty — and if a position is available.

You gotta wonder how strong the case is against this guy given that he’s worked on the State’s team for years.   The DA brought in the Department of Public Safety to work this case: you know, the agency that’s working with the FBI all over Texas on various law enforcement corruption cases.   Afterwards, a Grand Jury issued the indictments. 

At least nothing was swept under the rug here.  The District Attorney is having a state agency work the case, and the Grand Jury make the call on proceeding with charges.  We’ll have to see what the fates have in store for the former drug investigator who was caught with illegal drugs.

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