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Texas Cop John Gore Busted on Arson Charges – Investigation Going Back 9 Years

After serving three years as a Mineral Wells police officer, John Gore’s life has taken a drastic turn: he’s now a criminal defendant, facing two counts of arson and one count of arson causing bodily injury.  And it’s not over — Gore apparently gave information about an accomplice and setting 7 fires while he was being questioned on these charges. 

Seems this past Tuesday, Gore was stopped near the site of a fire at an industrial park – actually a set of three fires that had been set in that same area.  During one of the fire fights, a fire fighter was injured.  He wasn’t killed, but he did sustain serious injury and was hospitalized. 

When Officer Gore was stopped, he had gasoline with him and that’s being tested against the accelerant used to set the fires.  (Seems science can tell you if it’s the same gasoline.  Who knew?)

So, what was set ablaze, besides Officer Gore’s career and personal reputation?  An old army barracks, a fireworks stand, and an aviation company building said to house some kind of museum quality artifacts (who knows what this is). 

Now, an old buddy and former jailer/correctional officer named Jeffrey Gulley has been arrested as Gore’s helper.  He’s been released on a $50,000 bond.  And based on information provided by John Gore, arson investigators are combing through fire files going back to 2001 – so perhaps we haven’t seen the last of the charges. 

Where’s the firebug now?  John Gore’s out on $100,000 bond.  So is his pal Jeff Gulley.

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