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Texas Border Danger: New Website Invites Your Video, EMails Documenting Lack of Law Enforcement in South Texas

The Department of Agriculture has put up a website, ProtectYourTexasBorder, where anyone is invited to upload photographs, videos, or email their own personal stories about how dangerous it really is down there near the border between Texas and Mexico.

And by near the border, we mean anytime you get around 90 miles (or an hour and a half travel time) away on a major highway.

  • Your personal stories have to be 500 words or less.
  • You can stay anonymous if you’d like to do so.
  • Photos or videos max out at 10 MB – and it’s fine if they are also showing over at Flikr or YouTube.  No worries there.

Why is the State of Texas, of all things, putting up a website like this?

Well, seems like there are lots of people, including the head of the federal government’s Homeland Security, who are poo-pooing the idea that there’s a lot of violent activity here in South Texas and this site has been set up as a virtual soapbox so Texans (and presumably others, like Mexican Nationals, etc.) can share what they know. Or have seen or experienced.

There’s simply not enough manpower in the law enforcement in these areas to combat the influx of human trafficking, drugs, guns, etc. that is coming out of Mexico – and they’ll be the first to admit it. The State is providing this site as some support that the lack of police power or presence in this area is real.

Some Scary Stuff Down in South Texas is Being Documented Here

Already, stories are being shared at the site.  Scary stories.  Like the story where a South Texas rancher is abandoning his 38,000 acre ranch on Farm Road 755  and moving them to McAllen because it’s not safe to stay.  The ranch is 60 miles north of the border, and Farm Road 755 is great to drive if you’re wanting to avoid the checkpoints.  Watch the video, and learn how limited law enforcement is along this roadway.  Hear how the ranching family left their home only after having bullets zinging around their property at night and other dangers. 

Another one:  a Texas Ranger blunting telling a reporter that “we’re in a war” down in South Texas as the newscast delves into dangers this situation is causing to the national food supply as the cartels move further and faster into Texas farms and ranchlands.

The site is new.  There should be more stories over the next few months, so check back periodically to get more stuff. 

After so many posts discussing inept cops or corrupt police, this one is very different.  Here, there are huge amounts of territory where law enforcement simply doesn’t exist – or they are so outnumbered and outgunned that they won’t get out of the car (listen to the South Texas rancher video above to hear an officer say this exactly regarding stopping trucks on 755). 

There apparently just isn’t law enforcement, period, down there.

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