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Retired Tex Ranger Buckaloo Heads New Texas Team to Stop Corrupt Cops

 For many years, Clete Buckaloo was one the elite as a member of the Texas Rangers. Then, he retired as a Ranger and took the job as the head of the 216th Judicial District probation office, doing his thing for the probation department for awhile.

Then, late last month, former Texas Ranger Clete Buckaloo turned in his resignation to the probationers so he could step into a new spot: as the head of a new DPS investigative unit that’s been formed to fight corruption in law enforcement across the state.

Clete Buckaloo is second to none in reputation and experience — but here’s the thing: with a name like that, you know that he was destined for this job. Clete Buckaloo is just a great name for a Top Cop, right?  Plus, he looks the part — more than one person has noted that Buckaloo has a movie star appearance, not a little unlike Tommy Lee Jones.

With a face already placed on the cover of Texas Monthly, Clete Buckaloo may be an ascending star on the Texas scene … but in the midst of all this hoopla, here’s the real big news:  the State of Texas has put a 29-year veteran of the Texas Rangers out there with his own posse to track down corrupt cops in this state. 

Isn’t the bottom line here a validation of the extent of corruption existing in Texas law enforcment today?  Looks like it, huh?

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