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Psychic Had Liberty County Cops, Texas Rangers, FBI and Media Searching for Nonexistent Mass Grave Site But Won’t Be Arrested For Goose Chase

Last week, down in Hardin, Texas, dust was flying as cop cars driven by local police, county law enforcement and even the illustrious Texas Rangers and the Federal Bureau of Investigation were racing to Liberty County after word got out that a rural dwelling outside of town might house the bodies of dozens of missing children.

Quite the story, the finding of a mass grave site, and within minutes it seemed the national media were close on the heels of the police officers, heading down to Liberty County, Texas, expecting to find a gruesome and very big news story.

Except there was nothing there and it turns out that all this energy had been expended on a tip the local cops got from a psychic.  Yes, that’s right: a psychic.

Maybe you remember the “breaking news” stories and Twitter trends back on June 7, 2011, when all of a sudden, all sorts of law enforcement officials were racing to a ranch house outside of Hardin, Texas, because it was said to be the site were dozens of bodies had been buried. There were flashing lights and sirens and helicopters. Flustered, excited news reports. It was a Big Deal.

Psychic Egg on Their Faces

Problem was, there weren’t any bodies to be found. Zip. Nada. So, picture all those official folk on a hot June day in Texas, standing under the oak trees in the farmhouse’s front yard, taking off their hats to wipe their brows and ask each other what the heck happened here.

Truth will out and soon, there it was for all the nation to chuckle about: seems all this activity was started by a tip to the local sheriff’s department by a woman who said was a psychic. Well, she did know something about the interior of the home ….and to be fair, there was the smell of decomp (turned out to be meat rotting in a broken freezer) and some blood (fisticuffs from a couple weeks back between two drunks).

The British press labeled it the “wierdest news story of the year so far.” More great press for Texas.

Today, we’ve learned that the psychic isn’t going to be charged with any crime. Seems the Liberty County Sheriff’s Department (the ones who took her call) has determined that since the psychic did not act with malice or criminal intent, she won’t be arrested for anything.

However, it’s probably safe to say that the next time that the Liberty County Sheriff calls the FBI or the Texas Rangers for help, there’s gonna be lots of questions asked before anyone jumps into their vehicle to rush down to Hardin, Texas, again.

No need for a psychic to predict that one.

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