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Police Brutality Videos Released: Texas Police Beatings and the Public Outcry in Houston

Beatings by police officers are not new; the new twist to this old story is how modern technology is giving us all a bird’s eye view of what cops can, and will, do to victims unable to defend themselves against assaults that often cause serious injuries and even death.  We’ve posted information and videos about these infuriating acts before — like this one, where cops in Paris, Texas are caught on camera beating Cornelius Gill and his friend

We’ve also posted information about how cop cams are becoming more and more popular; in Texas, they’re even being considered as part of the officer’s head gear – capturing what he does every step and every minute that he’s on duty.   We’re gonna see more and more video.  Police departments and prosecutors like cameras because they capture evidence the State can use against the accused.  Sometimes, however, these cameras proved to be invaluable to protect citizens against those in authority. 

When the videos point the finger back at the police, it comes as no surprise that horrific acts caught on tape might result in a bit of foot-dragging in releasing the videos to the public.    Which may well be what happened over in Houston, where two videos of police brutality that happened long ago just got released to the public

The first video shows cops beating a teenager, Chad Holley, back in March 2010.  Chad was 15 years old at the time, and suspected of burglary.  The second video captures a police officer beating Henry Madge, 27, in a hospital waiting room (of all places).  Both victims are African-American.

People in Houston got mad.  Understandably.  Lots of people. 

 So, a Town Hall Meeting was called over in Houston, and an amazing number of stories were shared by folk who came forward to tell about their own experiences with bad cops.  The NAACP was there, too — and they ended up distributing complaint forms to the crowd, to get details from everyone.  The NAACP will have a press conference tomorrow to release the details of what they’ve found.

The first video (of Chad Holley) was released by community activist Quanell XQuanell X is promsing to release more police brutality videos, too.

Here, the video of Chad Holley being beaten by the police, as he lies on the ground:

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