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Now, It’s a Crime in France: “Babe, You Look Fat in Those Jeans”

Apparently, things are really horrible over in France — REALLY HORRIBLE — because they are actually spending the time and money to debate, draft, and finalize into law a bit of legislation that criminalizes “psychological violence” between married couples as well as those who are cohabitating without the benefit of clergy.  Sounds like some serious domestic violence issues need addressing, right? Well, no. 

What is “psychological violence” for the French?

It’s pretty much everything you’d think might happen during a domestic dispute.  Runs the gamut between threats of physical violence, all the way over to repetitively being rude about a partner’s appearance. 

Yes, this does mean that it will be a crime in France to tell your wife that she DOES look fat in those jeans, if you say it more than once.  It’s considered verbally abusive, it’s illegal.   

The law goes into effect later this year.  No news on how the heck the French plan on enforcing this law, nor how they plan on insuring that a spouse doesn’t lie just to get their partner in trouble.  Imagine this at the crime scene:

“Officer, he said I looked fat in these jeans over and over again.  Sniff, sniff.”

“I did not.”

“Mais oui, you did.”

“Did not!”



Yeah, those French.  They’ve got some serious criminal crises to deal with over there.

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