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More Cops Arrested for Breaking the Law: Two in Dallas, More in El Paso

In Dallas, two police officers have been arrested within the past week for doing bad things.  Neither one was on duty at the time. 

Dallas Police Officer Ralph McAfee was arrested on Sunday evening at his home after he and his girlfriend had a fight that apparently escalated into something that resulted in Officer McAfee being accused of assault/family violence.   McAfee is a 12 year veteran of the Dallas Police Department, and he is currently on administrative leave till these charges are resolved.

The same day that McAfee was arrested, another Dallas Police Officer was also arrested: Dallas cop Brandon Innes was arrested very early last Sunday morning (around 3 am) after he wrecked his car (no other vehicles were involved in the crash) and got busted for public intoxication.  (Seems Innes avoided a DUI charge because no one saw him behind the wheel, so there was no evidence, technically, that he was driving drunk. )  Innes is also currently on administrative leave.

So, within one 24 hour period, two members of Dallas law enforcement were arrested for assault and public intoxication (a narrow escape from a drunk driving charge).  However, that’s nothing when you compare what’s been going on over in El Paso recently.

As reported by Daniel Borunda of the El Paso Sun Times last week, El Paso Police Officer Zake Rivera has been arrested on suspicion of sexual assault after a family fight went bad and he and a fellow cop responded to the family disturbance call about the family fight going down.  Following standard operating procedure, the two policemen separated the couple who were fighting in order to question them, and according to the woman Officer Rivera placed her into the patrol car where the sexual assault is said to have occured.  Rivera was first placed on desk duty; he was later arrested by the Special Investigations Group (DNA testing was done), and a termination hearing was set to happen this week (March 7).

But this isn’t the only recent arrest of El Paso law enforcement.  As Mr. Borunda reports, there have been many allegations of bad things happening over there in the El Paso Police Department, including one police officer who was involved with an underage teenage girl (he was fired); another cop who was busted for allegedly stealing gifts while working off duty at a wedding reception; and another El Paso cop who was arrested for molesting a woman while she was unconscious. For details, check out Mr. Borunda’s story.

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