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Maximum Guideline Recommendation—> Statutory Minimum Sentence

Federal Transportation of Child Pornography, Client Gets Minimum

Assistant United States Attorney of the Northern District charged client with Transport and Receipt of Child Pornography, USC 2252A(a)(1) in the Norther District. The statutory range of punishment was 5 years to 20 years. In the final Presentence Investigation Report, United States Probation for the Northern District calculated the applicable guideline range to be total offense level 37, Criminal History Category II resulting in imprisonment range from 235 months to 293 months. Mr. Lowe was able to keep his client in treatment and on bond for one year. Mr. Lowe was able to persuade United State District Judge Jane Boyle to sentence his client to a non-guideline sentence. Client received 60 months which was the minimum sentence applicable under the statute.

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