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Judge Watch: Trial of CCA Chief Justice Sharon Keller Starts Today and Protesters are Ready

This morning, the trial of Chief Justice Sharon Keller started down in San Antonio.  It’s reported she got there early – about 45 minutes before the 9:30 proceedings were scheduled to begin.

Meanwhile, the Texas Moratorium Network posted a notice on its website that it’s planning on having around 1900 protesters in front of the Bexar County Courthouse to voice opposition to “Sharon Killer” … and earlier today, they were already being heard pretty loudly down in the Alamo City, since they had set up nice big speakers to voice their opposition to the Chief Justice remaining on the court.

For many folk, this controversy surrounds Justice Keller failing to allow a last minute filing on behalf of Michael Richard, who died by execution later that same evening.   But it’s more than that.  Flying around these proceedings are two other big controversies:  the financial transparency (or lack thereof) by Justice Keller in her public filings — and the use of capital punishment overall.

Because this week, down in San Antonio, make no mistake about it:  not only is Justice Keller going to be tried in that courtroom, there’s going to be plenty of talk about whether or not the death penalty is cruel and unusual, especially given the very bureaucracies that have created this unique and rare hearing of our state’s highest criminal court’s chief judge.

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