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Hank Skinner Execution Still Set 4 Today – France Is Asking for Delay. That’s Right. France.

There’s been lots of news coverage over the impending execution by the State of Texas of 47-year-old Hank Skinner, who has been sentenced to death for the murder of his girlfriend and her two adult sons back on New Year’s Eve 1993. 

Hank Skinner says he’s innocent.  He’s asking for DNA testing to be done.  Seems there were knives and things at the scene of the crime that hold DNA evidence — but no one has ever checked that evidence against Skinner’s DNA to confirm his claim of innocence. 

Right now, there is a request pending before the United States Supreme Court, based on this evidence issue, which would get Skinner a stay.  As this is being typed, there’s no news from Washington, D.C. that Skinner’s getting a response from them. 

There’s also a request setting on Governor Rick Perry’s desk.  Skinner is asking the Governor to give him a 30 day reprieve, so this DNA testing can be done.  Again, checking the news as this post is being typed — zip from Austin.

However, there has been one bit of news:  the Ambassador of France — yep, FRANCE — has officially asked Governor Perry to grant the reprieve or just go ahead and pardon Skinner.  It gets better.  Seems Skinner is married to a French woman, and the PRESIDENT of France has also offered his support to Mrs. Skinner, Sandrine Ageorges-Skinner.   Wow.

You’d think that if the idea that an innocent man might be fixin’ to die at the hands of a Texas executioner would be enough for Governor Perry to halt things and do some DNA testing.   Here it is, lunchtime on Execution Day and we’re hearing zip.  So, maybe the fact that an entire country is asking for a double check to be done might sway things. 

Of course, they can’t vote in November.  They’re French. 

Our thoughts and prayers go to Hank Skinner, his legal team, and his family.  May God bless you all on this terrible day.

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