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Fort Worth Police Have Second Man Die in Their Custody In Six Weeks: Death After Custody Continuing Problem Here in Texas

On January 15, 2012, Daniel Guerra died while in the custody and control of the Fort Worth Police Department.  He was 24 years old.  On February 14, 2012, Larry Sternberg, 45 years old, also died while in the custody and control of the Fort Worth Police Department.

Two men dying within one month’s time?  Maybe someone needs to be checking into how things are being handled over in Tarrant County.

Daniel Guerra, High on Meth, Died After Stun Gun Zap

Daniel Guerra already has a finding from the Tarrant County Medical Examiner:  even though he was zapped by a Forth Worth police officer’s Taser, and it’s recognized around the world that stun guns kill people, the medical examiner is ruling that Guerra died from “methamphetamine intoxication due to incautious consumption of a toxic drug.

Guerra’s path crossed that of the Forth Worth Police Department on January 13, 2012, when he tried to race a patrol car on US 287 and lost the car chase. Seems there were Fort Worth police officers checking out a Fort Worth hotel with a reputation for illegal drug deals,  and when they ran the license plates on Guerra’s ride and determined that it had an expired registration, they hit their bright lights to pull Guerra over.

Guerra opted to drive fast and try to get away from the officers, zipping along in his Cadillac, but he was foiled in his getaway on US 287 after the police threw spike strips over the lanes.  Guerra wasn’t done yet — according to police, shots were fired from the Cadillac and there was a struggle after Guerra was out of the car, resulting in the police using a Taser as they took Guerra into police custody.

According to police reports, Guerra collapsed there in the patrol car and while the officers did perform CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation), Guerra could not be revived.  A female passenger in the Cadillac allegedly told the police that Guerra had taken a big amount of meth during their car chase.

Larry Sternberg Died From Beating Injuries

Larry Sternberg died six weeks after he sustained injuries from being beaten and severely kicked while in the Fort Worth drunk tank downtown.   Sternberg apparently fought hard for over a month before he succumbed to his injuries.

Last month, Sternberg was taken to John Peter Smith Hospital after law enforcement officials discovered the scene, Sternberg bloody and unconscious, and he remained there until his death.  Sternberg had been busted on a public intoxication charge and the media is reporting that JPS Hospital employees, according to police reports, say the man suffered FOUR kicks to the face after he was unconscious – which caused bone fractures and internal bleeding.

Death and Injury of Citizens After Being Taken Into Custody a Continuing Problem in the State of Texas

Before anyone starts dismissing these two incidents involving the same police department within 30 days of each other, consider the following prior cases of folk dying or being injured after being taken into police custody in this state that we have been monitoring here, including:

These are just posts of events that have happened where people died or were injured while in custody in local jails around the State of Texas in the past few months.  It’s looking like there’s a new story on someone being injured or killed while in the custody of Texas law enforcement each and every month.  That’s serious.

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